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6 things you need to know being an online therapist

By HopeQure


24 Apr 2020

At a time when the world is fighting the outbreak of coronavirus, which has affected lakhs across the world, there is a massive spike in the patients suffering from mental illness. Due to which it has been that observed that therapists are dealing with higher demands for therapy. At the same time, because of lockdown, providing these services traditionally has become more difficult, the therapists are trying to help their client with a maximum of their reach either with WhatsApp video calling, teletherapy, or several other application providing video calling.

However, are these platforms secure for patient privacy, as well as legal and ethical issues for both client and therapist? Also being a therapist are you able to manage scheduling appointments, time clash among clients, voice/video clarity for better understanding your client, as we know all these are necessities. Providing counselling/therapy through these of the above-mentioned ways you must be facing these issues or theres a possibility you might be avoiding these factors unknowingly.

If you wish to switch your consultation sessions online or even trying to figure out how to start providing advice on secure platforms. There are so many platforms where you can serve your client, Before that, you must check whether you are at the right platform or not.

Taking the above-stated issues in mind lets check the benefits of online couseling and choosing the correct platform to avoid these problems.

Access to International Clients
You should go for platforms offering therapists ways of reaching potential international clients previously inaccessible to them as it’s the need for time to be reachable. Foremost benefit Online therapy is that its accessible and convenient, as online services can assist anytime, anywhere.

You can be flexible with time slots for therapy
You choose how many people you want to work with, and you are in full control of your schedule. As one of the greatest benefits of online therapy for therapists is the ability to accommodate a wider range of atppointment times with little or no impact on their well-being.
Online sessions with Hopequre can be your major source of income or a supplement to your current work.

It Minimizes miscommunication
Online billing, scheduling, and charting is an important part of online therapy work. On these platforms Customers can opt for appointment notifications, can easily access and manage their appointments, earlier there were phone calls and conversations where assistants said one thing, and the client said something else which usually causes miscommunication. Not only does this miscommunication affect professionalism but it also endangers the therapeutic partnership and trust.

Always opt for Secure and safe certified platform
online clients health information maintenance and security must be checked with correspondence, also there must be a team available always to abides strict technical and ethical codes of confidentiality of client and therapist both.

These platforms help in location flexibility
Increased flexibility makes therapy available to people who may have limited mobility or who are geographically isolated. Areas under-served may now be provided with services not previously available. Hopequre users enjoy secure, password-protected access to their private therapy room that only their therapist sees.

Online counselling allows an alternative way of seeing violent patients
Since most therapists do not often see patients with physical aggression without this area of specialization, situations arise in which the protection of the therapist becomes a problem. Instead of having guards accompany the patient to a therapy session and coordinate transport, safety, the therapist can simply bring the patient through the screen.

The Hopequre Platform takes privacy seriously and is covered under The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our platform supports artificial learning, computer vision, and voice, and bot technology. Here you can focus fully on counseling, you do not need to worry about acquiring clients, billing, support, or operations. We handle it all!

6 things you need to know being an online therapist

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