Mr. Manish

Mr. Manish
Counselling Psychologist
Certificate Course/C.C. 1. Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy 2. Spirit Releasement Therapy

Experience : 10 Years

Professional statement

Manish Khernar is a person of incredible versatility. He is multi-talented yet simple living ground to earth, cheerful person having profound understanding of life and human psych yet a continuous learner and curious individual with good level of empathy. By qualification Manish Khernar is MD (Doctor of Medicines) in Alternate Medicines. He is specialised in Hypnotherapy and Psychological Counselling.



  • IBAM - M.D.
  • 1. Ekka School Of Hypnotherapy . . 2. 5 Path Hypnosis Texas - Certificate Course/C.C.

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