Mr. Sachin Mehla

Mr. Sachin Mehla
Counselling Psychologist
Diploma Vipassana

Experience : 07 Years

Professional statement

As a therapist, my primary objective is to help my clients understand their psychological issues and assist them to identify the root cause. Then, help them create a simple and solution-focused plan of action that will achieve the sustainable results they are looking for. I am an I/O Psychologist and a Work-Life Coach. I am experienced in dealing with cases related to work, family, and mental health. I have learned about mental health through Modern and Ancient Science by doing a dual master's in Psychology and Yoga & Meditation. This allows me to develop a contextual understanding from a holistic point of view and work on the integrative well-being of participants. Hey, I know that taking the first step is not easy, but what follows is usually more beautiful and worthwhile. So ask yourself: Am I ready for it?



  • IGNOU - M.A.
  • JVBI - M.A.
  • University of Mumbai - Diploma

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