Program Outcomes

Detox From Internet

01 Beneficial For:

  • One who feels his/her increased screen time is causing reduced family time
  • One who feels life without phone and social media would be difficult
  • One who is unhappy with the quality of sleep experienced
  • Experience less anxiety and improved sleep

02 We Will Help You With:

  • Regulate your mobile/digital habits
  • Enjoy more time for family and friends
  • Help you feel less competitive and improve your overall mood
  • Make your mornings much happier and peaceful

Being constantly on phone/laptop using various social media apps is something we all can relate with. In fact, when we say, “Oh I don’t use Instagram”, most of our friends might be like “OH. MY. GOD! What!? Why?!”

Well, while some of us are not bothered with this, most of us are. Increased “Screen Time” (the time you spend on electronic devices) is something all of us struggle with. In most household days start with our parents screaming “On your phone even before breakfast! I will burn your phone!”

However, the most surprising thing is, we ourselves are aware of this over usage. We know we are struggling with controlling our time spent on social media/electronic devices. We are aware of our reduced “study time” and increased “chill time” (even when we have a lot of work to complete) but still we somehow fail to manage all of this.

When our loved ones complain about our decreased time spent with them, we often get frustrated and end up letting it out on them giving excuses like, “I work all day on laptop”, “I was preparing the project the entire day” “I wasn’t wasting my time, it is the work requirement” etc.

All these everyday little struggles are somewhere getting piled up within us and increasing our difficulties. Do you also feel like doing something for this? Do you feel the need to reduce your time spent on smartphone?

If yes, then let’s try Digital Detox together! It refers to a period of time when we refrain ourselves from using electronic devices such as smartphones, televisions, computers, tablets, and social media sites at all. It can be a small time period say between 3-4 hours or even a few days. We all can agree that in this digital era, completely putting an end to using electronic devices is not possible. But we can surely limit our time spent on it. Digital Detoxing is something that can be highly beneficial for achieving this change.

“Detoxing” from digital devices is often seen as a way to focus on real-life social interactions without distractions. By forgoing digital devices temporarily, we can let go of the stress that arises from constant indulgence in our devices.

Through this program, we will try to help you manage your screen time, enjoy happier time with your loved ones and enhance quality of your sleep.

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