The term "addiction" does not only refer to dependence on substances such as alcohol, nicotine, heroin or cocaine. Some addictions also involve an inability to stop partaking in activities, such as gambling, eating, or working. When a person experiences an addiction, they cannot control how they use a substance or partake in an activity, and they become dependent on it to cope with daily life.


Facts To Know!!

  • Anxiety, mood, personality and psychotic disorders co-occur with addictions.
  • National institute on drug abuse says relapse is common and the relapse rate is high.
  • Addiction is the only mental health condition that is completely treatable with professional help.
  • 50% of suicides and half of the violent crimes are done under alcohol or drug influence.
  • Around 60% of poor work and academic performance can be linked to addiction.


Watch short video introduction on what Addiction looks like.

What causes Addiction?

  • Family history- There can be genetic grounds of addiction

  • Learned behaviour or modelling may occur while observing parents or other elders

  • Poor coping strategies or negative approach to life

  • Maintenance effect or pleasure derived from the substance/behaviour.

Financial and legal issues

Isolation and strained relations

Withdrawal symptoms

Increased dosage

Inability to quit

Risk taking

Powerful cravings


Symptoms of Addiction?


  • Medication in case of substance use/abuse

  • Detoxification the body and decluttering of the environment

  • Individual plans as what may work for one do not work for other and holistic care

  • In-patient and out-patient rehab depending upon severity of symptoms

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