Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction is a psychological inability to stop consuming alcohol inspite of its ill effect on one's work performance, social relations, health and overall life.

Alcohol Addiction

Facts To Know!!

  • Every year, alcohol results in 5.3% of deaths worldwide
  • Roughly 300 million people around the world have alcohol-related disorder
  • Men aged 18-25 are more inclined to binge drinking and have a high tendency to turn into alcoholics.
  • Intoxication is the leading cause of aggression, infidelity and domestic violence
  • Alcohol, drugs and gambling results into strained marriages and divorce

Alcohol Addiction

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What causes Alcohol Addiction?

  • Genetic factors and family history of alcohol abuse

  • Modelling peers or adults leading to observational learning

  • A negative approach towards life and poor coping mechanism

  • Sense of pleasure/comfort after intoxication

Financial and legal issues

Strained inter-personal relations

Withdrawal symptoms

Increased alcohol intake

Inability to quit

Risk-taking behaviour

Changes in appetite

Obsession or Powerful cravings

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction?


  • Detoxification either at home or at the rehabilitation centre

  • Meditation to restore the chemical balance of body and brain

  • Individual counselling to understand the negative consequences of abuse/addiction and behaviour modification

  • Rehabilitation for getting back to a normal and healthy life.

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