Have you ever noticed someone washings their hands every time they touch something, or checking and locking multiple times, or stepping only within a pattern while walking? People affected by Obsessive Compulsive disorder are unable to control their preoccupation with specific ideas or are unable to prevent themselves from repeatedly carrying out a particular act or series of acts that affect their ability to carry out a normal functioning life. ​ Obsessive behavior buds from the inability to be able to stop thinking about a particular idea or topic. These thoughts are present in a stereotyped form and are often thought of as shameful and unpleasant. Compulsive behavior is the need to perform certain behavior repeatedly. And when unable to check the impulse and engaging in the compulsive behavior leads to agitation and anxiety

Signs and Symptoms of OCD

  • Loss of control over actions
  • Guilty on carrying out repeated behavior
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of control over actions
  • Unpleasant recurring thoughts / images / impulses
  • Fear of losing something
  • Heightened ego and moral values.

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