Sexual Disorder

Sexual disorder is a problem faced by a person or a couple at any level of normal sexual activity, including physical gratification, desire. Disorders fall under one of three quite broad categories - gender identity disorder, sexual dysfunction, and paraphilia.

Sexual Disorder

Facts To Know!!

  • Sexual disorders can lead to both physical and psychological distress.
  • A long gap in intercourse or other factors of your relationship conflicts with your partner can even reduce your sexual desire and lead to sexual desire disorder.
  • Sexual dysfunction that causes a lowered sex drive in women is called Hypoactive sexual desire disorder.
  • Depression, anxiety, and other psychological illnesses may lead to different types of sexual disorders.
  • Mental illness medications may cause changes in sexual function, to varying degrees

Sexual Disorder

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What causes Sexual Disorder?

  • Undiagnosed anxiety or depression can trigger or contribute to sexual dysfunction.

  • Feelings of guilt about sexual desire and activity can cause sexual desire disorder

  • The consequences of past sexual trauma, work-related stress and anxiety, sexual performance issues, body image problems are few psychological triggers.

  • Treatments or conditions that affect the brain can lead to sexual disorder

Feelings of regret after sex

Impulsive sexual behaviour

Intercourse pain

Felling Guilty after sex

Aggressive behaviour

Inability to get excited

Lack of attraction or desire for each other


Symptoms of Sexual Disorder?


  • Cognitive behavioural therapy is used for the treatment with psychological symptoms of sexual disorders.

  • Psychotherapy with a trained counsellor can help a person deal with past sexual trauma, anxiety, fear, or guilt.

  • Psychoeducation about sex and sexual behaviours and reactions may help an individual overcome his or her sexual function anxieties.

  • When an anxiety or depression medication is the cause of dysfunction, change of medication may help.

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