Substance Addiction

A person can be addicted to any substances ranging from caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, heroin, opium, cocaine, hallucinogen, LSD etc. Substance addictions buds from curiosity or experimentation and end up into a vicious circle.

Substance Addiction

Facts To Know!!

  • Substance abuse alters brain chemistry and make drug usage compulsive.
  • Opioid, cocaine, marijuana, heroin are most commonly used substances, beside alcohol and tobacco
  • 13 years is the average age of drug experimentation
  • Alcohol, drugs and gambling results in strained marriages and divorce
  • People use illegal drugs for self-medication which is lethal

Substance Addiction

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What causes Substance Addiction?

  • Family history and heredity

  • Learned behaviour i.e. observing and modelling adults in the family

  • Poor Coping skills and pessimistic approach to life

  • Maintenance effect or dopamine release

Legalities in case of illegal drug/s

Isolation and strained relations

Withdrawal symptoms

Increased dosage

Inability to quit

Enhanced risk-taking


Powerful Obsession

Symptoms of Substance Addiction?


  • Detoxification to reduce the ill-effects of substances like marijuana, heroin etc.

  • Medication to manage the neuro-biological factors

  • Individual counselling to understand the root cause of addiction and being facilitated to win over it

  • Rehabilitation including healthy practices such as yoga and mindful meditation

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