Book Standards - Practitioners

HopeQure’s mission is to help billions of people live healthier and longer lives. In pursuit of this mission, our aim is to offer an exceptional experience to both users (users refer to patients in the document as per (HopeQure Terms & Conditions) and healthcare practitioners. As a valuable partner on our platform we want to ensure that the practitioners’ experience on the HopeQure booking platform is seamless to both, them and their users. Guidelines

To enable you to deliver a great experience to patients booking appointments with you via HopeQure website/app, we request all practitioners to follow the below:

    1.Ensure that the patient consults the same practitioner with whom the appointment has been confirmed within 2 hrs of the scheduled appointment time. If due to practitioner’s unavailability this is not possible, then the appointment should be cancelled or rescheduled to another time beforehand
    2.Communicate to the patient about any expected delay/cancellation at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled time of appointment*
    3.Update the practitioner’s HopeQure Profile and calendar in following cases:

    a. Any scheduled closure* of the clinic/hospital, e.g. on festivals; and, blocking calendar* on personal holidays 

    b. Transfer of resident/consulting practitioners to another establishment*

    c. Change in practitioner or clinic/hospital’s consultation timings*

Exceptions to the Guidelines

We completely understand and respect the complexity of the medical profession, and therefore consider following exceptions(where a healthcare practitioner was unable to follow the above guidelines):

  • 1.In case of personal or medical emergencies, we understand that doctor substitution, doctor no-show, last minute cancellation/rescheduling is unavoidable. In such instances, on discretion, a one-time exception for non-compliance will be made.
    2.In case the patient is consulted by another practitioner followed by the one with whom the appointment was booked, then it is not considered as non-compliance.
    3.In case patient’s wait time exceeds 2 hours, non-compliance is assigned on a case-by-case basis.
    3.In case the practitioner doesn’t practice anymore at the clinic, where appointment has been booked, the clinic owner/doctor must update the information.
Non-compliance to the Guidelines

Non-compliance cases are kept in record as and when reported to HopeQure via users. All such cases are verified by our team with both, the practitioner and the user. Each inbound and verified non-compliance case received by HopeQure, will be communicated to the practitioner (clinic/hospital and doctor).

Non-compliance cases lead to poor patient experience and may have a negative impact on the reputation of the practice, therefore HopeQure may in such instances deactivate the ‘Book’ facility from HopeQure profile for allowing the practitioner to become well-versed with the guidelines and become comfortable with using the features associated with it.

Restoring the Book facility

In the rare instance of the Book facility being deactivated, reinstatement and has to be initiated by the practitioners after the minimum deactivation period ends.

The reinstatement of Book facility is dependent on the level of reliability of patient experience being delivered as per the Guidelines.

Above terms are valid for practitioners and clinic/hospitals based in India only. The terms herein form a part of and are to be read in line with the HopeQure Terms and Conditions.