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Get Online Counselling and Online Therapy by Best Psychologists in India

Ms. Priyanka Walia
Ms. Priyanka Walia M.A. Counselling Psychology Counselling Psychologist 05 years of experience

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Ms. Tanvi Jain
Ms. Tanvi Jain M.Phil. Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychologist 05 years of experience

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Ms. Zahabiya Bambora
Ms. Zahabiya Bambora M.Sc. Psychology Counselling Psychologist 05 years of experience

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Ms. Muskan Maheshwari
Ms. Muskan Maheshwari M.Sc. Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychologist 02 years of experience

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Ms. Urvashi Jain
Ms. Urvashi Jain M.Phil. Rehabilitation Psychology Clinical Psychologist 05 years of experience

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Ms. Akshita Bakshi
Ms. Akshita Bakshi Ph.D. Relationship Psychology Counselling Psychologist 05 years of experience

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Mr. Shourya Purohit
Mr. Shourya Purohit M.A. Clinical Psychology Counselling Psychologist
02 years of experience

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Mrs Dhannya Ittymathew
Mrs Dhannya Ittymathew M.A. Psychology
Counselling Psychologist
18 years of experience

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Mr. Nishant Sharma
Mr. Nishant Sharma M.Phil. Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychologist 07 years of experience

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How online counselling and online therapy works at HopeQure?

Connect with psychologist
  • Trusted platform for your well-being.
  • Expert guidance from qualified professionals.
  • Confidential and secure video counselling.
  • Personalized support for your needs.
  • Convenient access from anywhere.
Discuss your concern
  • Talk to a professional therapist.
  • Share your concerns with confidentiality.
  • Online counselling for mental well-being.
  • Gain clarity in thoughts.
  • Take empowered actions toward healing.
Become a Happier You
  • Embrace growth through online counselling.
  • Develop resilience for personal development.
  • Access support anytime, anywhere.
  • Cultivate happiness through counselling
  • Become your best version.

How Psychological Programs at HopeQure Works?

Select Wellness Program
  • Choose your ideal Wellness Program.
  • Secure payment for program selection.
  • Access a range of services.
One stop solution
  • Streamlined solution: HopeQure dashboard.
  • All-in-one platform for convenience.
  • Access benefits in one place.
Improved Mental Health
  • Enhance mental well-being through programs.
  • Cultivate resilience and personal growth.
  • Access programs anytime, anywhere.

How Employee Assistance at HopeQure Works?

Connect with HopeQure experts
  • Connect with a HopeQure representative.
  • Schedule an online meeting.
  • Get the best EAP program.
Explore the Product
  • Log in to the HR dashboard
  • Connect the organization's data.
  • Confidential and secure employee access.
Improved Organisation Productivity
  • Connect with an expert psychologist
  • Employees can discuss their concerns securely and confidentially.
  • Build a happy, productive, and cooperative workforce

How Psychometric Assessments at HopeQure Works?

Explore and select Self Assessment.

Get access to a diverse spread of free online self assessments available on HopeQure that will help symptom check any psychological issue.

Assess Yourself

Answer simple day to day questions that will give insights on psychological issues and better online treatment.

Psychological Insight

A detailed assessment report loaded with information and recommendations to help you deal with the issue. You are not Alone!

India's no. 1 online counselling platform

Heal the Mind and Soul
Online Counselling - Healing Mind and Soul
  • Best Online Counselling and Therapy
  • Curated list of top Psychologists
  • Expert Psychologists and friendly support
  • Affordable Pricing for accessibility
  • Privacy and Confidentiality of Sessions
Time-bound Psychological Wellness Programs
Online Therapy - Time-bound Wellness
  • Connect with the right psychologist
  • Prioritize mental health conveniently
  • Overcome other mental health concerns
  • Assist in overcoming psychological issues
  • Flexible plans to fit your budget
Look beyond the known
Best Psychologists - Look beyond the known
  • Accessible online counselling from home
  • Affordable and comfortable sessions
  • Licensed & Skilled Professionals
  • Expert Psychologists for Effective Counselling
  • Value for money without compromising quality
Corporate Employee Assistance Program
Best Support for Cure and Healing
  • Responsive assistance for your queries
  • Guidance throughout your counselling journey
  • Convenient and Secure Online Platform
  • Easy-to-use interface for seamless experience
  • Wide Range of Mental Health issues handeled

Best Online Psychologist in India Available via Video, Audio, & Text Chat

Experience the Swiftest Path to Healing: Online counselling is the most efficient way to access professional support whenever you need it. Eliminate negative thoughts and consult with highly qualified counselors. Reach out to the best psychologists at HopeQure right now and enjoy effective therapy and counselling sessions online. Whether you prefer chat, phone, or video calls, our platform allows you to discuss your mental and emotional health concerns with ease. Through online therapy, you can overcome worries, sadness, anxiety, depression, stress, marital difficulties, fears, self-esteem issues, and more. This convenient option also extends its benefits to families and individuals, providing unparalleled support and assistance.

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Ms Priyanka Walia Ms Shubhangi Bhargava Ms Tanvi Ms Zahabiya Bambora Mr. Agam Gupta Ms Urvashi Jain Ms Akshita Ms Bhavika Madaan Ms Ayushi Madaan
HopeQure Reviews
Reviews of HopeQure Online Counselling Clients who have experienced the best online counselling and therapy.
Female Age 21 & Student

I have found HopeQure online therapy platform to be the best. All the things and steps are simple and easy. You can connect with your therapist and start your healing journey in the easiest way.

Male Age 32 & IT professional

HopeQure came in my life when I was at the lowest point. Now, I believe I am alive because of the therapy I took. I am inspiring others and helping my friends with my positivity. It seems I have found my life's purpose.

Female Age 25 & HR professional

I am Glad to be taking therapy services from the best online counselling platform in India. I am looking forward to take therapy for the lifetime. My therapist is my mentor in real sense. I have experienced a total life-transformation in my life.

Male Age 18 & Student

Understanding therapist! Very understanding therapist
Took the time to listen and understand the situation -
Flexible about timing, Offering extra or follow-ups when needed.

Need help for someone you care about?

If you're watching someone struggle & want to help them, our support team can guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Counselling is a Psychotherapy for Mental Health conducted through video call from the comfort of customers home or office by trained and certified professional Psychologists or Counselors.

Online Therapy is a Psychotherapy process through video call from the comfort of customers home or office by Psychologists. Online Therapy can also be provided through phone calls or chat text messages without face to face meeting as well.

HopeQure's is the best Online Counselling platform as it is convenient, affordable and secure. HopeQure provides Online Counselling through best inhouse licensed and certified Psychologists who are dedicated to help clients with mental health, relationship and behavioral issues.

The Online Counselling or Online Therapy service can be beneficial for anyone who is struggling with mental health or relationship issues. It is particularly suitable for those who prefer the convenience and privacy during counselling. Here are some of the benefits of Online Counselling or Online Therapy:

Convenience: You can access therapy from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you have an internet connection.

Affordable: Online therapy is often more affordable than traditional in-person therapy.

Confidentiality: Your sessions are held in a secure and confidential environment.

Flexibility: You can choose the time and day that works best for you.

Variety of therapists: You can choose from a variety of therapists who specialize in different areas.

Yes, the research on the effectiveness of online therapy have shown that Online Therapy or Online Counselling can be just as effective as in-person therapy as both use same process and help the customer deal with the problem similarly. However, Online Counselling or Online Therapy saves the person the hassles of commute and Online Therapy is much more cheaper than the in- person therapy.

Here are a few tips for making the most of online therapy:

Be prepared for your sessions: Come to your sessions with a list of things you want to talk about.

Be honest with your therapist: Share your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly

HopeQure offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the services you receive, you can request a refund within 3 days of your first session.

HopeQure is an online counselling platform that provides affordable and confidential mental health counselling to people in India. HopeQure hires Best Psychologists of India and provides affordable and confidential Online Counselling or Online Therapy services through ISO, GDPR and HIPAA certified platform.

There are many benefits to using HopeQure, including: ​

Best Psychologists of India: HopeQure carefully hires Best Psychologists of India for providing Online Counselling or Online Therapy.

Globally Best Infrastructure: HopeQure is one of the very few reputed Brands in Psychology who are fully certified for GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45003:2021.

Affordable: Online Therapy at HopeQure is offered at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-person therapy or Therapy from other similar platforms as HopeQure tries to offer Online Counselling and Online Therapy by Best Psychologists of India at most affordable cost.

Confidentiality: Due to Globally Best Platform certifications and since we use Best Psychologists of India, your sessions at HopeQure are held in a completely secure and confidential environment assuring safety and security of your information as per Globally Best protocols.

Finding the right psychologist can be challenging, but HopeQure’s curated list of the best psychologists in India makes it easier than ever to address specific needs, related to anxiety, depression, ADHD, Relationship issues, Family Therapy, Couple Therapy, Marriage Counselling or any other mental health concern.

HopeQure’s licensed, accredited, certified and skilled online psychologists help you overcome anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, bullying, trauma, ADHD, Relationship issues, Family Therapy, Couple Therapy, Marriage Counselling, panic attacks, phobias, bipolar disorder, breakups, autism, sleep disorders, stress, anger issues, through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), Psychodynamic Therapy, Behavioral Therapy or Humanistic Therapy.

Whatever one may require, our Therapists are experts in supporting your needs to guide you towards healing and growth.

Online Counselling or Online Therapy works as in-person therapy. The Psychologist identifies the issues the customer is facing and helps in developing coping mechanisms to deal with it. This includes providing support and guidance. The main difference is that the counselling takes place over the internet.

To start Online Counselling or Online Therapy, simply create an account on HopeQure, book your Therapist appointment and start the Session. You can either search for a Therapist yourself or you can be matched with a therapist who is a good fit for your needs. Therapy or Counselling sessions can be held over video, phone, or text chat.

When you are looking for a Psychologist or Therapist or Counsellor, make sure to consider their qualifications, experience, language, availability and approach to therapy. At HopeQure, we only hire Best Psychologists in India for Online Counselling and Online Therapy. You can visit the webpage.

HopeQure offers a variety of services, including:

Individual therapy: This is one-on-one therapy with a therapist.

Group therapy: This is therapy with a group of people who are facing similar issues.

Couples therapy: This is therapy for couples who are struggling in their relationship.

Family therapy: This is therapy for families who are struggling with conflict or communication problems.

Life coaching: This is a type of therapy that focuses on helping you achieve your goals.