Program Outcomes

Improving Family Relations

01 Beneficial For:

  • Those having disturbed relations at home
  • Those experiencing arguments/ disagreements
  • Those experiencing tension in bonds
  • Those willing to lighten up family environment

02 We Will Help You With:

  • Enhancing interpersonal communication
  • Improving family dynamics
  • Discover more about each other
  • Improved expression and understanding of feelings

Family is a basic social unit of a society. There is no right or wrong type/structure of family as long as it regards the family members with love and affection.

Common types of family structures are:

  1. Nuclear Family- Two parents raising children
  2. Joint Family- Three or more generations living together
  3. Extended Family- Uncles, aunts, cousins residing together
  4. Childless couple- Common in homosexual couples
  5. Grandparents raising grand children
  6. Single parent family- In case of divorce, separation or death of a parent
  7. Step Family- Also called blended family forms when a parent remarries

With ever changing lifestyle and shrinking family size building healthy family relations has become really important. Improving family relations can be challenging and draining. Though we encounter numerous advices and suggestions for improving our relations with family/ in-laws, it is important to note that no relation is perfect.

Even healthy family relations are not conflict-free, no human relation can be. We all make mistakes, may trigger others unknowingly and land up into arguments. However, the way you can ease a tough phase is by fostering open communication and strengthening the bond between you and other family members.

Creating a ‘Home Sweet Home’ is what we thrive for but family is not built in a day. Building and maintaining positive connections with all family members is not a piece of cake. Family members do experience temper flares, misunderstanding or imperfect moments.

Signs of unhealthy family relation include:

  • Acting superior
  • Disrespecting
  • Name-calling
  • Eye-rolling
  • Excessive arguments

Why is it vital to improve Family Relations?

  • To feel connected and have a sense of belongingness
  • To have someone around you to share sorrows 
  • To experience positive emotions like love
  • To be held in pain and tough times
  • To develop healthy friendships and relations in life
  • For growth, wellness and stability

Common challenges that families encounter

  • Medical concerns
  • Time
  • Financial issues
  • Parenting
  • Adjustment Problems


Frequently Asked Questions

Online treatment was often more successful than in-person sessions, according to a 2020 study of 17 studies. Online marriage and family therapy sessions increased in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, and studies have shown that they are effective.

Due to its accessibility and lower cost when compared to in-person appointments, online therapy is a service that is becoming more and more well-liked. On average, online therapy can cost $40-$70 per session of one hour.

Effectiveness of Online counseling frequently offers the same level of care as in-person treatment. For the treatment of a variety of mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression, online therapy has been shown in numerous trials to be equally effective to in-person sessions.

The goal of family counseling is to deal with the emotional, behavioral, and psychological difficulties that are plaguing families. It has been shown that online therapies are more successful than in-person family therapies.

Social services, NGOs, financial support programs, and employee assistance programs may offer free counseling. However, keep in mind that free services from NGOs, and social services can have a lot of quality and certification differences.

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