Program Outcomes

Online Family Therapy


Beneficial For:

  • Those having disturbed relations at home
  • Those experiencing arguments/ disagreements
  • Those experiencing tension in bonds
  • Those willing to lighten up family environment

We Will Help You With:

  • Enhancing interpersonal communication
  • Improving family dynamics
  • Discover more about each other
  • Improved expression and understanding of feelings

Common types of family structures are: 

Nuclear Family- Two parents raising children

Joint Family- Three or more generations living together 

Extended Family- Uncles, aunts, cousins residing together

Childless couple- Common in homosexual couples 

Grandparents raising grand children 

Single parent family- In case of divorce, separation or death of a parent 

Step Family- Also called blended family forms when a parent remarries 

With ever changing lifestyle and shrinking family size building healthy family relations has become really important. Improving family relations can be challenging and draining. Though we encounter numerous advices and suggestions for improving our relations with family/ in-laws, it is important to note that no relation is perfect. 

Even healthy family relations are not conflict-free, no human relation can be. We all make mistakes, may trigger others unknowingly and land up into arguments. However, the way you can ease a tough phase is by fostering open communication and strengthening the bond between you and other family members. 

Creating a ‘Home Sweet Home’ is what we thrive for but family is not built in a day. Building and maintaining positive connections with all family members is not a piece of cake. Family members do experience temper flares, misunderstanding or imperfect moments.

Signs of unhealthy family relation include:

  • Acting superior 
  • Disrespecting 
  • Name-calling 
  • Eye-rolling 
  • Excessive arguments 

Why is it vital to improve Family Relations? 

  • To feel connected and have a sense of belongingness
  • To have someone around you to share sorrows  
  • To experience positive emotions like love 
  • To be held in pain and tough times 
  • To develop healthy friendships and relations in life 
  • For growth, wellness and stability 

Common challenges that families encounter 

  • Medical concerns 
  • Time 
  • Financial issues 
  • Parenting 
  • Adjustment Problems 

Benefits of Online Family Therapy 

If you or your family members are struggling with issues in your relationship, trying to schedule family therapy sessions could seem as a huge obstacle. Families of different ages and at different stages of life could experience more irritated with one another in attempting to establish an appropriate therapy program that works for everyone, and even the physical space. Additionally, if a member of the family has mental health issues like borderline personality or social anxiety disorder, going to online family therapy sessions in person can be difficult and stressful.

Online family therapy and Teletherapy allow scheduling appointments to be easier in terms of flexibility for all. There s no reason to alter your schedule in order to schedule an appointment that is likely to not work for the majority of your family members. Also with online family therapy, you can avoid having to drive to an in-person clinic practice in another city. Video chats and conference calls allow families and members of the household to connect more conveniently and effectively and also be extended to include relatives who live remote. Furthermore, you ll be in a location that you are likely to be comfortable, particularly when you re calling from your home. 

Looking for online family therapy to improve your family relations? Contact HopeQure now to get in touch with an experienced and reliable online relationship therapist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Family therapy is the best therapy for family conflicts. A therapist aims to regain the cohesiveness, conflict resolution and effective communication among the family members. The sessions are planned both on an individual and group basis.

All members of the family can benefit from family therapy in a variety of ways. Sessions of family therapy may be beneficial for creating and upholding wholesome boundaries, encouraging unity and communication, improving problem-solving by learning more about family dynamics, developing compassion and understanding and decreasing family conflict.

Yes, online family therapy is quite effective not only in developing better understanding within family members but also can be a crucial tool for any individual to get better emotional support and understanding from their family.

Yes, you can talk to a therapist in affordable prices online. HopeQure offers therapy by verified and certified psychologists in affordable prices.

Although they may differ from therapist to therapist, sessions last 50 to 60 minutes on average. Family counselling or therapy typically lasts 10 to 12 sessions, however it can vary from family to family depending on the problems and circumstances.

Patients kept getting better even after the treatment was over, and according to early results from the 5-year follow-up, 75% of patients had good outcomes, 15% had intermediate outcomes, and 10% had bad outcomes..

Session lengths typically range from 50 to 60 minutes, though they might vary from therapist to therapist. Typically, 10 to 12 sessions of family counselling or therapy are needed, however this might vary from family to family based on the issues and circumstances.

You can reach out to a mental health professional who can guide you and teach you effective skills to develop healthy boundaries and cohesiveness in the family.

A family counsellor is a professional that works with married couples or other family members to assist them deal with any mental or emotional issues that could arise at home.

You can seek the advice and instruction of a mental health expert who can show you how to establish healthy boundaries and foster family cohesion.

The best therapy for family disputes is family therapy. A therapist works to help the family members communicate clearly, resolve conflicts, and become more cohesive. Both individual and group sessions are involved.

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