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Conduct Disorder

Conduct disorder is characterised by intentionally abusing others and display of aggression, threatening and rude behaviour. Therapy is very much helpful in making changes and inculcating healthy behaviour.

Conduct Disorder

Facts To Know!!

  • Those with conduct disorder have a high risk of developing personality disorders like antisocial personality
  • Are less likely to experience guilt for their actions of bullying, lying, stealing etc.
  • Children with conduct disorder are prone to other mental conditions especially mood disorders
  • While boys with conduct disorder engage in fighting whereas girls run away
  • Professional help significantly improves a child's control of his/her actions

Conduct Disorder

Watch short video introduction on what Conduct Disorder looks like.

What causes Conduct Disorder?

  • Substance use and abuse

  • Other psychiatric conditions like depression, bipolar or schizophrenia

  • Being a victim to abuse and/or learning by modelling

  • Other environmental factors

Harming pets/animals

Complaints from school




Harsh and unkind language



Symptoms of Conduct Disorder?


  • Conditioning methods like, Classical conditioning (learning a new behaviour by repeated associated behaviour) or Operant condition (method of learning through reward and punishment for a behaviour)

  • Other behaviour modification techniques- Token economy (system of reinforces the targeted behaviour using a token and later exchanging) and Modelling (teaches to behave in a way by observing a role model).

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy for children above 7-8 years of age for insightful change in behaviour.

  • Psycho-education for guardians and parents to provide a reinforcing environment for therapy-induced changes.

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