Operant Defiant Disorder Counselling

The child is generally anxious and does not comply with instructions by parents or others in authority. Therapy can help a child to give up on hostile, uncooperative behaviour and to develop healthy relations with peers, teachers and parents.

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Operant Defiant Disorder

01 What is Operant Defiant Disorder?

  • There are around a million cases of ODD in India per year
  • Unresolved behaviour issues can lead to life long behaviour problems
  • Around 53% children receive treatment for ODD and other behaviour disorder
  • Children living in poverty have more than 22% chances to develop a behavioural and developmental disorder
  • Operant Defiant Disorder is both treatable and manageable

02 What Causes Operant Defiant Disorder?

  • Genetically determined temperamental issues
  • Demanding, dominating and strict parent and lack of positive attachment
  • Modelling parents and other aggressive adults in the family or surroundings
  • Other environmental factors

03 Symptoms Of Operant Defiant Disorder?

  • Hostility
  • Non-Cooperative
  • Irritability
  • Clingy behaviour
  • Negative actions aimed at authority
  • Impulsive and Annoying
  • Refuse to follow rules or instructions
  • Throw tantrums

04 Treatment

  • Behaviour modification techniques- Token economy (system of reinforces the targeted behaviour using a token and later exchanging) and Modelling (teaches to behave in a way by observing a role model).
  • Conditioning methods like, Classical conditioning (learning a new behaviour by repeated associated behaviour or Operant condition (method of learning through reward and punishment for a behaviour)
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy for children above 7-8 years of age for change in behaviour as a result of change in core beliefs.
  • Family therapy and Psycho-education for guardians and parents to be understanding, patient and supportive

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For whom you need the counseling session?

Operant Defiant Disorder Counselling Diagnosis:

A thorough psychological evaluation will probably be performed by the mental health professional to identify whether your child has oppositional defiant disorder. Because ODD frequently co-occurs with other behavioral or mental health issues, its symptoms may be challenging to distinguish from those of other issues.

Most likely, the evaluation of your child will comprise an evaluation of:

  • General wellbeing
  • Behavior frequency and intensity
  • Emotions and actions in various contexts and relationships
  • Situations and interactions in the family
  • Methods that have worked or not worked for controlling problem behaviors
  • existence of additional academic, communication, or mental health issues.

What is the treatment for Online Operant Defiant Disorder Counselling

Operant defiant disorder is treated largely through family-based approaches, but it may also involve different forms of psychotherapy and parental and child training. Several months or perhaps longer may pass between treatments. Any co-occurring issues, including a learning deficit, should be treated because, if ignored, they can develop or exacerbate ODD symptoms.

Online Operant Defiant Disorder Counselling includes:

  • Parental Training
  • Parent-Child interaction Therapy
  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • Cognitive Problem-solving training
  • Social skills training.

Best Psychologists For Operant Defiant Disorder Counselling

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