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Operant Defiant Disorder

The child is generally anxious and does not comply with instructions by parents or others in authority. Therapy can help a child to give up on hostile, uncooperative behaviour and to develop healthy relations with peers, teachers and parents.

Operant Defiant Disorder

Facts To Know!!

  • There are around a million cases of ODD in India per year
  • Unresolved behaviour issues can lead to life long behaviour problems
  • Around 53% children receive treatment for ODD and other behaviour disorder
  • Children living in poverty have more than 22% chances to develop a behavioural and developmental disorder
  • Operant Defiant Disorder is both treatable and manageable

Operant Defiant Disorder

Watch short video introduction on what Operant Defiant Disorder looks like.

What causes Operant Defiant Disorder?

  • Genetically determined temperamental issues

  • Demanding, dominating and strict parent and lack of positive attachment

  • Modelling parents and other aggressive adults in the family or surroundings

  • Other environmental factors

Throw tantrums

Refuse to follow rules or instructions

Impulsive and Annoying

Negative actions aimed at authority

Clingy behaviour




Symptoms of Operant Defiant Disorder?


  • Behaviour modification techniques- Token economy (system of reinforces the targeted behaviour using a token and later exchanging) and Modelling (teaches to behave in a way by observing a role model).

  • Conditioning methods like, Classical conditioning (learning a new behaviour by repeated associated behaviour or Operant condition (method of learning through reward and punishment for a behaviour)

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy for children above 7-8 years of age for change in behaviour as a result of change in core beliefs.

  • Family therapy and Psycho-education for guardians and parents to be understanding, patient and supportive

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