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Many individuals who come to seek help online are often confused about whether to see an online therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical psychologist, or a counselor for the problem they are facing. It is a common mistake made due to the similarity in their titles. All of them are qualified professionals who treat people with mental health issues, yet they are not the same.

It is noteworthy that all the above professionals are licensed, trained, and do have their specific role in mental health treatment. Below we explain the difference in these medical professions that can help you decide who is appropriate for your needs.

How Our Online Psychologist will help?

A psychologist is specialized in behavioural study along with processes of the mind. It is inclusive of cognitive and emotional processes. An online psychologist can help you manage and learn to understand different issues in life and mental health problems. Moreover, a psychologist can diagnose and treat some learning disorders, behaviour issues, addiction, and mental disorders.

You can seek help from psychologists if you are trying to recover from trauma, loss of a loved one, chronic anxiety, depressive symptoms, overthinking or negative thinking patterns, etc.

A psychiatrist, like an online psychologist , can diagnose and treat a mental disorder, emotional and development problems, and behavioural issues. However, the fundamental treatment method is to handle imbalances of chemicals/hormones in our brain by prescribing medication.

Psychiatrists are professionals with a medical degree, i.e., they are physicians or medical doctors by qualification. You can consult an online psychiatrist if you are suffering from chronic depression and anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, neurological complications,kkl or complex medical history.

Online Therapist vs Online Psychologist

A therapists either licenced counselors, social workers, and/or life coaches. An online therapist can help you overcome feelings of negativity, acute anxiety, improve soft skills such as confidence, speech therapy, decision making, etc., and understand and manage your emotions and feelings.

Online therapists, different from an online psychologist, often use talk therapy and devise a treatment plan for you. There are many types of therapies a therapist may use, and this can depend on your problems, such as cognitive behavior therapy, dialectal behaviour therapy, psychoanalysis, or applied behavioral analysis.

You can consult an online therapist, online psychologist or counsellor if you are facing issues in your relationships, lacking concentration and focus due to an unpleasant experience, stress and anxiety, feelings of loneliness, academic stress, phobias, emotional dysregulations, etc.

A clinical psychologist offers more comprehensive mental health care to individuals or families. They are qualified in various techniques for mental care. An online clinical psychologist focuses more on serious mental illness whereas a general psychologist deals with less serious mental health issues.

If you are unclear if you should consult an online psychologist or clinical psychologist, you can first approach a psychologist where he/she can understand the severity of your problem and correctly refer you to a clinical psychologist if you require one.

You can contact an online clinical psychologist if you have behavioural issues such as extreme aggression and addiction issues, suicidal tendencies, prolonged feelings of sadness and lack of hope, challenging to achieve day-to-day activities, etc.

Understanding your issues in order to seek the right mental health service is important. If you are still unclear about choosing your right online psychological therapy, you can have a 15-minute consultation with us where we can guide you suitably.

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