Find Top Online Psychologists in India

Find Top Online Psychologists in India

Get the best Online Therapy & Counseling from the comfort of your home.​Connect with the best Psychologist, Counsellor, Clinical Psychologists, Therapist and Best Psychiatrists available here for online Counselling, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Best Psychiatric treatment and Sexual addiction treatment online. Do online chat with therapist at HopeQure and get solution for all your mental health problems.


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List of the Best Psychologists In India – HopeQure

Ms. Priyanka Walia
Ms. Priyanka Walia M.A. Counselling Psychology Counselling Psychologist 06 years of experience

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Ms. Urvashi Jain
Ms. Urvashi Jain M.Phil. Rehabilitation Psychology Clinical Psychologist 06 years of experience

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Get up to 50% OFF on counselling session
Mr. Nishant Sharma
Mr. Nishant Sharma M.Phil. Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychologist 08 years of experience

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Get up to 50% OFF on counselling session
Ms. Akshita Bakshi
Ms. Akshita Bakshi Ph.D. Relationship Psychology Counselling Psychologist 06 years of experience

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Get up to 50% OFF on counselling session
Ms. Zahabiya Bambora
Ms. Zahabiya Bambora M.Sc. Psychology Counselling Psychologist 06 years of experience

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Get up to 50% OFF on counselling session
Ms. Muskan Maheshwari
Ms. Muskan Maheshwari M.Sc. Clinical Psychology Counselling Psychologist 03 years of experience

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Get up to 50% OFF on counselling session
Ms. Nandini Kulshrestha
Ms. Nandini Kulshrestha M.A. Psychology Counselling Psychologist 03 years of experience

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Get up to 50% OFF on counselling session
Ms. Anushka Singh
Ms. Anushka Singh M.A. Clinical Psychology Counselling Psychologist 02 years of experience

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Mrs Dhannya Ittymathew
Mrs Dhannya Ittymathew M.A. Psychology Counselling Psychologist 19 years of experience

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Get up to 50% OFF on counselling session

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Seeking counselling services for an individual or a parent of a child in the age range of 13-19.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can talk to a counsellor, therapist or a psychologist online via HopeQure i.e. a mental health platform for clients dealing with psychological issues. You can either choose chat, audio or video calling as the mode of communication.

Yes, online psychology can be incredibly effective, with research consistently showing its efficacy for various mental health conditions.

The cost of online therapy in India varies depending on several factors, including: Therapist experience and qualifications: More experienced and specialized therapists may charge higher fees. Location: Rates may be higher in major cities compared to smaller towns. Mode of session: Text-based chat sessions are typically cheaper than video or phone consultations. Number of sessions: Purchasing packages of sessions often comes with a discounted rate per session.

An online psychologist is a licensed mental health professional who provides therapy and other services via the internet, using platforms like video calls, phone calls, or text chat. Instead of meeting in person, you connect with the psychologist remotely, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience. Can I talk to a psychologist about my problems anonymously? Yes, there are several ways to talk to a psychologist anonymously about your problems on online mental health platforms, hotlines and online forums.

Convenience: You can access therapy from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you have an internet connection.

Affordable: Online therapy is often more affordable than traditional in-person therapy.

Confidentiality: Your sessions are held in a secure and confidential environment.

Flexibility: You can choose the time and day that works best for you.

Variety of therapists: You can choose from a variety of therapists who specialize in different areas.

In some cases, an online therapist can prescribe medication, but it depends on several factors, including: Type of therapist: Psychiatrists: Licensed psychiatrists can prescribe medication for mental health conditions, both online and in person. Psychologists and other therapists: These professionals typically cannot prescribe medication, regardless of the setting.

Yes, if at all you are comfortable with your current therapist so you can opt for the same therapist to continue with your sessions. If you feel that there’s a need to change your therapist then even that can be handled.

Unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to how many sessions you'll need with a psychologist. The number of sessions will vary depending on several factors, including the severity of your condition, your individual goals, your progress, the type of therapy and your relationship with your therapist. Here are some general guidelines: Mild to moderate conditions: 6-12 sessions Moderate to severe conditions: 12-20 sessions or more Long-term therapy: 20+ sessions

Yes, it can be perfectly okay to have more than one psychologist. In fact, there are several scenarios where having multiple therapists can be beneficial. For example having different areas of expertise, different treatment modalities, second opinion, increased accountability, convenience, and long term care.

Whether or not it is okay to switch therapists on a regular basis depends on several factors, including reason for switching (that can be due to dissatisfaction with the therapist, changing needs, life changes) and frequency of switching. The client must know the potential drawbacks for regular switching leading to loss of progress, difficulty with continuity of care, and increased costs. Whereas, the alternatives to regular switching are open communication with the therapist, seeking second opinion, and taking a break from therapy.

Choose the best psychologist in India online

Many individuals who come to seek help online are often confused about whether to see an online therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical psychologist, or a counselor for the problem they are facing. It is a common mistake made due to the similarity in their titles. All of them are qualified professionals who treat people with mental health issues, yet they are not the same.

It is noteworthy that all the above professionals are licensed, trained, and do have their specific role in mental health treatment. Below we explain the difference in these medical professions that can help you decide who is appropriate for your needs.

How Our Online Psychologist will help?

A psychologist is specialized in behavioural study along with processes of the mind. It is inclusive of cognitive and emotional processes. An online psychologist can help you manage and learn to understand different issues in life and mental health problems. Moreover, a psychologist can diagnose and treat some learning disorders, behaviour issues, addiction, and mental disorders.

You can seek help from the best psychologist in India if you are trying to recover from trauma, loss of a loved one, chronic anxiety, depressive symptoms, overthinking or negative thinking patterns, etc.

A psychiatrist, like an online-therapists"online psychologist, can diagnose and treat a mental disorder, emotional and development problems, and behavioural issues through online chat with therapist. However, the fundamental treatment method is to handle imbalances of chemicals/hormones in our brain by prescribing medication.

Psychiatrists are professionals with a medical degree, i.e., they are physicians or medical doctors by qualification. You can consult an online psychiatrist if you are suffering from chronic depression and anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, neurological complications or complex medical history.

Online Therapist vs Online Psychologist

A therapists either licenced counselors, social workers, and/or life coaches. An online therapist can help you overcome feelings of negativity, acute anxiety, improve soft skills such as confidence, speech therapy, decision making, etc., and understand and manage your emotions and feelings. Find the best Psychologist in India online in the comfort of your home with HopeQure.

Online therapists, different from an online psychologist, often use talk therapy and devise a treatment plan for you. There are many types of therapies a therapist may use, and this can depend on your problems, such as cognitive behavior therapy, dialectal behaviour therapy, psychoanalysis, or applied behavioral analysis.

You can consult an online therapist, online psychologist or counsellor if you are facing issues in your relationships, lacking concentration and focus due to an unpleasant experience, stress and anxiety, feelings of loneliness, academic stress, phobias, emotional dysregulations, etc.

A clinical psychologist offers more comprehensive mental health care to individuals or families. They are qualified in various techniques for mental care. An online clinical psychologist focuses more on serious mental illness whereas a general psychologist deals with less serious mental health issues.

If you are unclear if you should consult an online psychologist or clinical psychologist, you can first approach a psychologist where he/she can understand the severity of your problem and correctly refer you to a clinical psychologist if you require one.

You can contact an online clinical psychologist if you have behavioural issues such as extreme aggression and addiction issues, suicidal tendencies, prolonged feelings of sadness and lack of hope, challenging to achieve day-to-day activities, etc.

Understanding your issues in order to seek the right mental health service is important. If you are still unclear about choosing your right online psychological therapy, you can have a 15-minute consultation with us where we can guide you suitably. We also provide online chat therapy. It all starts with a single message.

Why choose HopeQure?

HopeQure is the best option for anyone searching for a one-stop solution to start therapy, with different languages, preferential pricing, a wide range of therapeutic services available, and a network of therapists across the country.

We offer affordable online treatment and give you a skilled, experienced therapist with whom you connect through online chat with therapist option. You can easily find the best psychologist in India with HopeQure.

Benefits of Online Therapy with a HopeQure Therapist

Around 70% of Americans can't get traditional, in-office therapy due to many factors such as expense, lack of public transportation, and therapists. An online therapist or online chat with a therapist, video chats, emails, and text messages, can bridge this divide for anyone looking for mental health care.

There are several therapists available, each with a different price. We provide a variety of therapy and psychiatry services.

Affordable and accessible

One of the most significant differences between online therapy and in-person treatment is you can speak with your therapist anytime, anywhere, with a reliable internet connection. You'll have sessions once a week, twice a week, or once a month (whichever works best for you). You can also communicate with your therapist at any moment using the safe, encrypted mobile app. You will get a notification once they have responded.

Online therapy is less expensive since therapists can operate remotely and save fees, such as rent for an in-person office space. 98% found online therapy to be more convenient than traditional therapy.

Working through an internet platform can help therapists keep their costs down while allowing them to reach a more diversified audience.

There are no location issues.

While many cities and large metropolitan areas have many therapists accessible, these areas only cover a small percentage of the country. Because there are fewer therapists in rural and suburban regions, appointments can fill up fast, and there may not be many therapists to select. HopeQure fills that void by providing the best psychologist in India online with a few clicks.

An online therapist is helpful for persons who do not live in an area where they can easily reach them. It is also a viable option for persons lacking the reliable transportation required for in-person therapy appointments.

You can arrange a treatment appointment with HopeQure by logging onto your phone, tablet, or computer.

Scheduling Is Simple and Flexible

Traditional therapy can be challenging to fit into your calendar if you have a hectic lifestyle. It can be difficult to get a free hour. Working with the best online therapist allows you to message them whenever you need. They will answer as quickly as possible (typically within 24 hours), affording therapy and support outside sessions. When your therapist responds, you'll get notified, and you may view their session availability on a calendar in advance. If your matched therapist does not feel like a good fit for any reason, bear in mind that switching therapists are simple. All of this contributes to your ability to have a beneficial and healthy relationship.


Travelling to a therapist's office once a week for therapy may be difficult for people with impairments or issues with mobility. Working with a therapist online eliminates the need for traditional in-person therapy sessions. The aspects of digital therapy, such as texting, live chat, phone conversations, and videoconferencing, are becoming popular. These modalities enable anyone to identify available therapists to work with using their favourite communication mode without leaving their homes. HopeQure's online counselling platform has assisted many people worldwide in addressing mental health issues and finding the best psychologist in India online


Some people find it difficult to speak with a new therapist face-to-face in a private office. Online counselling provides an alternate mode of contact for those who are uncomfortable interacting with a therapist in person. Building a relationship with your online therapist can be successful and comfortable, whether through messaging, live chat sessions, video calls, or other kinds of communication. Many people consult with an online therapist who uses a platform like HopeQure.


When it comes to mental health care, many people value their privacy. There is no need for someone who takes you to the therapist's office for your treatment. Your online therapist room, and any sensitive information you disclose with your therapist, are also safeguarded using bank-level encryption. When you create an account with us, you can also choose not to use your real name and to use an email address that does not directly identify you. Please read our full disclaimer if you want to learn more about HopeQure's privacy policies.


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