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Couple counselling helps you develop better understanding, learn healthy communication pattern and enhance your problem solving skills. It will also provide an unbiased third party perspective about your relationship dynamics.

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Know More About Relationship Counselling

Facts about relationship

  • According to the American association of marriage and family therapy 98% of couples consider couple counselling as a success.
  • Around 75% of couples reported improved relationships to improve after seeking professional counselling.
  • A research in 2015 suggests that 40 per cent of individuals in opposite sex relationship tends to cheat upon their partner.
  • A study published in the journal of family and economic issues suggests putting a high value on finances and asset results in low marital satisfactions.
  • Working on relationship issues may simultaneously result in reduced stress and anxiety

Causes of bad relationship

  • Infidelity, Jealousy or fear of losing the partner
  • Violence or abuse, overruled or dominating partner
  • Incompatibility in terms of values, lifestyle, goals and/or sexual drives
  • Variant attachment styles and love languages

Symptoms of bad relationship

  • Dissatisfaction
  • Lack of freshness
  • Frequent fights
  • Closed communication
  • Avoidance
  • Constant relationship stress
  • Lost interest
  • Dishonesty and disrespect

Therapy used in relationship counselling

  • Relationship counselling provides a safe space for both the partners to reflect on the issues, their respective causes and insight building for solutions.
  • Couple therapy- CBT/REBT based therapy session for behaviour modifications and for holistic changes.
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy based Program modules to resolve conflicts and learn self-help techniques to deal with similar situations in future.
  • Specialised counselling service for pre-marital, family disputes, sexual concerns, homosexual couples, new parents etc.

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For whom you need the counseling session?


Many people think that relationship counseling should only be sought when a divorce or separation is imminent. But in many cases, that comes too late. Relationship counseling should start as soon as the issues interfere with your daily life. Following are some indicators that you could gain from a consultation:

  • You two struggle to communicate your sentiments to one another. You two frequently argue.
  • Your interactions are withdrawn, critical, or disrespectful.
  • Your regular life has been disturbed by a stressful event.
  • You and your partner struggle to agree on things You've been the victim of abuse, addiction, or adultery
  • You desire a more solid partnership.

Heightened sensitivity

Keep in mind that there are no improper justifications for seeking relationship counseling. Even without immediately apparent issues, some newlywed couples choose to begin therapy right away in order to establish a solid foundation and stop major issues from emerging. You can improve your family's happiness by working with a counselor to strengthen your communication skills and build strong interpersonal skills.

Remember that it often takes a couple six years before they decide to go to treatment. This is a long time to let issues fester; it is now tough to save problematic relationships. Instead, it's preferable to identify issues early and get therapy as soon as you can.

Despite the fact that romantic relationships are the most common ones for which people seek relationship counseling, problems with relationships can arise in any kind of relationship.


We employ an integrative strategy that incorporates relational mindfulness and existential humanistic therapies. Each session is attended by both spouses.

We will evaluate the relationship's pain issues from each partner's perspective during the first session. We'll also include some activities and conversations to support you in improving your relationship's positivity and reducing its negative.

Beginning with the second session, we will focus solely on techniques that can strengthen your bonds and help you through the difficulties you are now experiencing in your relationship.

We will study and put into practice techniques to enhance our constructive conflict management, (re)build emotional intimacy, and increase our positive communication throughout the sessions.


Couples counseling can help you strengthen your bond, but it necessitates that both people participate with candor, openness, and drive. Instead of taking a proactive strategy, many couples frequently adopt a reactive one and enter therapy after going through a crisis or getting stuck in a challenging relationship. We advise you to seek assistance as soon as you can.

Relationship counseling can be both restorative and preventative, as we discussed above. Get in touch to find out how HopeQure's Relationship Therapist, couples’ therapist and marriage counsellor, can assist you right away.


Online relationship counseling might be a terrific alternative if traditional face-to-face treatment isn't going to help you and your relationship. You might consider internet counseling for a variety of reasons, including the following:

You and your lover each reside in a different place. People who are in long-distance relationships or who are separated and thinking about a permanent split may find this to be applicable. Online relationship counselling allows both partners to engage even though they are geographically separated.

You take business trips frequently. No matter how hectic their schedules are or where they are in the world, anyone can access online counselling.

Traditional therapy does not sit well with you or your partner. For some people, face-to-face counselling can be difficult, awkward, or even anxiety-inducing. Online therapy can make relationship counselling more user-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Couples therapy is the best therapy for relationship problems.

A relationship therapist is a professional who has got expertise in dealing with relationship problems. They help people to learn better ways of expressing their emotions and to communicate in the right manner in a relationship. The relationships are not limited to couples, they also deal with families.

Any qualified and skilled mental health professional who has got expertise in dealing with relationship issues can help.

Yes, therapy helps a lot in dealing with relationship issues. Therapy gives an opportunity to people to reflect in themselves and rebuild their skills of handling relationships in a healthier way which leads to strengthening the relationship.

The therapist will pose particular questions to help couples communicate more effectively and honestly, gain a deeper understanding of one another's thoughts and feelings, and come up with fresh approaches to handling conflict. Couples can participate in guided activities as well. It requires the therapist to understand each person's unique personalities, requirements, and triggers. It entails understanding how these layers affect their relationship as a pair when they interact.

A relationship needs therapy when you find that there are more argumentation and fights than healthy talks, frequent misunderstanding and unwillingness to sort out the relationship conflicts.

The therapist will ask specific questions to encourage better and more open communication between partners, a deeper comprehension of one another's thoughts and feelings, and the development of novel conflict resolution strategies.

When you discover that there are more arguments and fights than constructive conversations, there are frequently misunderstandings, and there is a lack of willingness to resolve the difficulties in the relationship, counselling may be necessary.

Counselling can help in establishing a strong base inside oneself so that one no longer worries about being abandoned or rejected. Through counselling, one can learn to be independent rather than co-dependent, enabling one to live their lives without a toxic spouse.

It is always suggested to seek help from a mental health professional when you know that conflicts can't be resolved by yourselves.

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