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Relationship Counselling

Couple counselling helps you develop better understanding, learn healthy communication pattern and enhance your problem solving skills. It will also provide an unbiased third party perspective about your relationship dynamics.

Relationship Counselling

Facts To Know!!

  • According to the American association of marriage and family therapy 98% of couples consider couple counselling as a success.
  • Around 75% of couples reported improved relationships to improve after seeking professional counselling.
  • A research in 2015 suggests that 40 per cent of individuals in opposite sex relationship tends to cheat upon their partner.
  • A study published in the journal of family and economic issues suggests putting a high value on finances and asset results in low marital satisfactions.
  • Working on relationship issues may simultaneously result in reduced stress and anxiety

Relationship Counselling

Watch short video introduction on what Relationship Counselling looks like.

What causes Relationship Counselling?

  • Infidelity, Jealousy or fear of losing the partner

  • Violence or abuse, overruled or dominating partner

  • Incompatibility in terms of values, lifestyle, goals and/or sexual drives

  • Variant attachment styles and love languages

Dishonesty and disrespect

Lost interest

Constant relationship stress


Closed communication

Frequent fights

Lack of freshness


Symptoms of Relationship Counselling?


  • Relationship counselling provides a safe space for both the partners to reflect on the issues, their respective causes and insight building for solutions.

  • Couple therapy- CBT/REBT based therapy session for behaviour modifications and for holistic changes.

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy based Program modules to resolve conflicts and learn self-help techniques to deal with similar situations in future.

  • Specialised counselling service for pre-marital, family disputes, sexual concerns, homosexual couples, new parents etc.

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