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Counselling For Mental Health, Relationship And Other psychological Concerns

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Empower Your Wellbeing: Explore Our Mental Health Services in India

HopeQure offers online Mental Health Counselling and other mental health therapy services to people in need. Our professional and licensed therapists can assist with depression, stress, anxiety, behavioural disorders, procrastination, ADHD and other mental health programmes. Millions of people all over the world have benefited from online counselling. HopeQure’s professional mental health services help individuals feel better without requiring them to leave their homes. HopeQure enables you to access affordable, comprehensive mental services in India and worldwide.

Our platform connects patients with certified therapists who have undergone extensive training. HopeQure 's effective online Mental Health Counselling can help with issues like depression, anxiety, breakup counselling and everyday life’s ups and downs. If you are contemplating online therapy, you can get started by filling out a simple questionnaire and being matched with a therapist who is a good fit for you.

Therapists can improve your situation. Don't let a long commute, exorbitant fees, or a scarcity of mental health providers in your area keep you from obtaining the help you need. Select HopeQure's online counseling services.


Types of Mental Health Services

HopeQure provides a wide range of Mental Health Services for issues like personal stress, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, anger issues, parenting difficulties, relationship problems, and trauma-related concerns.

Other types such as Marital, Pre-Marital and Family therapy can also be made available online with HopeQure. Online counseling services make it as simple as possible to obtain the assistance and support you require without ever leaving your home. 30+ certified mental health providers are now available for online appointments on the HopeQure platform. They are skilled practitioners with a wide range of specialisations.

Our online therapists have diverse backgrounds, practices, beliefs, and cultures. Some service providers can assist with specific and complex problems. If you prefer a therapist with specific experience, HopeQure may connect you with the appropriate mental health specialist. Our therapists specialize in marriage and family therapy, couples counselling, addiction counselling, career counselling, panic disorder, phobias, and bipolar disorder therapy.

Concerns can be handled through Mental Health Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mental Health Programmes. Every individual faces Mental Health Challenges in different phases of their life, and early detection of diseases and counseling by Psychologists helps in timely addressing the issue from growing and impacting the lifestyle. Connecting with the right Psychologist is the first step towards overcoming such challenges. At HopeQure we offer therapy for all concerns related to mental health, relationships, and behavioral concerns. At HopeQure, find the support you need, and learn to deal with mental health challenges. As the next step, click on the disorder, read more about it, book a session, and connect with the psychologists to help you overcome the challenges you are dealing with.


How do HopeQure’s Online Mental Health Services Work?

Here’s how Mental Health Services at HopeQure work:

  • Find the best Mental Health therapist for you.

    Find a qualified mental health therapist who matches your needs and preferences by answering a few questions. Access the broadest network of certified, licensed professionals. You can book a session yourself or receive assistance from the coordinator to connect with a suitable therapist.

  • Communicate your problem

    Convey your mental health concerns after developing the comfort and rapport with the mental health therapist. You can share your issues as well as the way you want therapy to unfold without any hesitation and fear of judgment. The therapist can provide you with an outline as to what are Mental Health Programmes and therapies suitable to your needs.

  • Schedule a session at your convenience

    You can schedule online therapy sessions according to your schedule and log in from any computer or mobile device.

Why Choose HopeQure's Mental Health Counselling Services?

Access the network of certified, accredited, and experienced therapists who can assist you with concerns related to time management, depressive feelings, relationship conflict, trauma, online bullying, ADHD and more. Our online counselling services provide the expertise and quality that one would expect from an in-office therapist, with the flexibility to communicate when and how you want.


Know where to start from

Online Counselling can be very confusing. But, we at HopeQure, ensure that it gets easily accessible and affordable just for you.

What is counselling in mental health?

Counselling in mental health refers to actively engaging in a goal-oriented discussion with a professional psychologist. It involves getting psychotherapy based on the concerns of the individual as well as their personal preferences.

What are the benefits of mental health services?

Mental health therapy services can benefit individuals, couples and groups in handling their issues and mental health concerns better thereby improving the quality of their life. Practical skills like coping mechanisms, handling stress and anxiety etc. can be some of the direct benefits of taking mental health counselling services.

Why is mental health important?

Mental health is as important as physical health as it determines our feelings, motivation towards work and relationships and most importantly our self-belief and confidence. All these factors contribute to a happier and healthier life. Therefore, for enhancing the quality of life, mental health is highly significant.

Is mental health therapy confidential?

Absolutely! Your privacy and confidentiality is our prime concern. Mental health therapy is completely secure and all the information shared stays between you and the therapist.

How do I know if I need mental health services?

If you experience general dissatisfaction in some areas of life like work, academics, relationships, self-esteem etc, it is the right step to seek mental health services. In addition, if you are going through symptoms of depression, anxiety, traumatic experiences, sleep concerns etc, it is imperative to seek professional support through mental health services.

How long will therapy take?

The duration of therapy differs based on concerns and the intensity of the issue. Sometimes it takes weeks whereas at times it can go on for a few months. The duration depends on concerns, your therapy goals and the frequency with which the sessions are being utilized.