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We help you choose from a wide range of online counselling services with the help of online counselling chat and video counseling to receive psychological help to gain self-awareness.

At HopeQure, we register professionals who are licensed, background verified, well-qualified, experienced and registered with licensing authorities. Your therapist will analyse your concerns and will help you by providing the best online mental health counselling services.

Know the benefits of the Employee Assistance Program

By HopeQure I 66 views

21 Jul 2021

In the current workplace environment, stress is on the rise among employees. Therefore, it is essential that employees have a resource that they can get help. There are various kinds of problems em....

Power Napping A Gods Gift in Disguise

By HopeQure I 59 views

19 Jul 2021

Power Napping: A God s Gift in Disguise Of all the things you could (and should) do to support your mental health, the one thing that is most inexpensive and easy to do is Power Napping. Power Nap....

How to Have a Happy Marriage Lower Your Expectations

By HopeQure I 57 views

19 Jul 2021

If you have been dreaming of a long and happy marriage, then you’ve probably been dreaming of happily ever after, too. But what if happily ever after is actually the enemy to a happy marriage? The ....

Getting Through Tough Times in Life From Grief to Acceptance

By HopeQure I 39 views

19 Jul 2021

We all go through tough times. When we re going through difficult times, it can be hard to see beyond it. You feel like you re in a dark tunnel and there s no light at the end of it. Sometimes we r....

What Are The Most Common Depression Symptoms

By HopeQure I 125 views

13 Jul 2021

Depression can be an isolating experience. Different types of depression can have varied symptoms. While the most common symptoms are obvious, many people suffer from depression without realizing w....

Independent Women Quotes 2021

By HopeQure I 307 views

22 May 2021

Every girl’s and a woman’s wish is to be independent. What means to be independent is to be able to take care of yourself in health and wealth. You should also be able to make your own decisions an....

Most relevant mental reactions to COVID-19 infection

By HopeQure I 239 views

22 May 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on everyone’s lives. It has taken the lives of more than a million people worldwide. The impact did not differentiate if the person or their family wa....

Karma Quotes 2021

By HopeQure I 254 views

20 May 2021

Do you believe that whatever you put our into the world in terms of your doings, will come back to you in some form or other? The word ‘Karma’ (karm) means action, a doing, or a deed. Karma is a....

Depression Quotes to Overcome From It

By HopeQure I 523 views

15 Apr 2021

Depression is serious medical condition which affects the way you behave, feel, and think negatively. It causes a loss of interest in daily activities and even activities you once enjoyed. One in e....

How Looking At Yourself In The Mirror Is Important

By HopeQure I 334 views

13 Apr 2021

When was the last time you took some time to look at yourself in the mirror? People have either gotten too busy in their daily activities or are not willing to look themselves in the eye. Someti....

National Stress Awareness Day - Things you need to know

By HopeQure I 291 views

12 Apr 2021

Stress is very normal in everyone’s daily life. Some amount of stress is good for our better performance; however, extreme levels of stress can be harmful and may give rise to other health problems....

Top 9 Laughter Therapy Exercises

By HopeQure I 346 views

08 Apr 2021

We have all the heard the common saying in our early years that “Laughter is the best medicine”. As youngsters the true meaning of this saying was never deeply understood. Laughter therapy has many....