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Depression Quotes to Overcome From It

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15 Apr 2021

Depression is serious medical condition which affects the way you behave, feel, and think negatively. It causes a loss of interest in daily activities and even activities you once enjoyed. One in e....

How Looking At Yourself In The Mirror Is Important

By HopeQure I 228 views

13 Apr 2021

When was the last time you took some time to look at yourself in the mirror? People have either gotten too busy in their daily activities or are not willing to look themselves in the eye. Someti....

National Stress Awareness Day - Things you need to know

By HopeQure I 191 views

12 Apr 2021

Stress is very normal in everyone’s daily life. Some amount of stress is good for our better performance; however, extreme levels of stress can be harmful and may give rise to other health problems....

Top 9 Laughter Therapy Exercises

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08 Apr 2021

We have all the heard the common saying in our early years that “Laughter is the best medicine”. As youngsters the true meaning of this saying was never deeply understood. Laughter therapy has many....

Love Failure Quotes 2021 in English

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07 Apr 2021

To crave love, affection, and attention is our human nature. We all need a partner in life with whom we can exchange love and fulfil one of our basic need. Unfortunately, not everyone wins in this ....

World Suicide Prevention Day - Things to Know about it

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05 Apr 2021

About World Suicide Prevention Day In order to spread awareness about suicide cases and actions taken worldwide to prevent them, World Suicide Prevention day is observed on 10th September every ye....

World Mental Health Day - Things You Need to Know About It

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02 Apr 2021

The day is aimed to bring literacy about mental health issues and advocate the stigma associated with mental health. On 10th October 1992 the first ‘World Mental Health Day was observed. It began t....

An Open Letter To My Ex-Boyfriend Who Left Me

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01 Apr 2021

Dear Ex-boyfriend, I have been well. I wish you well too. I know it has been really long, but I want you to know that I do not hate you now. I have happily moved on and I genuinely want to thank....

9 Tips to Get Rid Of the Forever Alone Feeling

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31 Mar 2021

The feeling that you will end up alone pops in usually when you have tried so hard to settle into a relationship, but it hasn’t gone well for you. This feeling also come up when you see all your fr....

What Are Negative Thoughts with examples

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30 Mar 2021

Our thoughts are cognitions of ourselves, others, and our general surroundings, which are characteristics by our perceptions, understandings, expectations, and features that link with our emotions ....

What is Kleptomania and its Symptoms

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18 Dec 2020

Kleptomania is a compulsion to steal,and it is repetitive failure to oppose impulses to steal things that you mostly do not require, and that has little value for money. About 5% of shoplifting cas....

Psychological effects of Cocktail Party

By HopeQure I 702 views

18 Dec 2020

The term ‘cocktail party effect’ may sound or refer to something similar to a hangover after a great party. However, in the scientific field, this term has an interesting meaning. Psychologicall....