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What is Kleptomania and its Symptoms

By HopeQure I 426 views

18 Dec 2020

Kleptomania is a compulsion to steal,and it is repetitive failure to oppose impulses to steal things that you mostly do not require, and that has little value for money. About 5% of shoplifting cas....

Psychological effects of Cocktail Party

By HopeQure I 377 views

18 Dec 2020

The term ‘cocktail party effect’ may sound or refer to something similar to a hangover after a great party. However, in the scientific field, this term has an interesting meaning. Psychologicall....

Gender Sensitization and Its Compulsory Subjects

By HopeQure I 377 views

16 Dec 2020

Gender inequality is a drawn-out issue in our general public, and females are segregated from numerous points of view in the social setting, though legitimately, females have equivalent rights. Hen....

Effective Steps to Forgive Yourself and Others

By HopeQure I 262 views

16 Dec 2020

We have all been experienced situations where we do things that we are simply not proud of and end up regretting. It could be something as small as pushing someone to fall on the subway so you can ....

Gratitude: An Essential Practice of Thankfulness

By HopeQure I 0 views

16 Dec 2020

Gratitude or thankfulness is a form of expression to appreciate what they have. Gratitude is appreciating those things that are independent of money value. This feeling produces warmth within as it....

Things You Need To Know About Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch

By HopeQure I 253 views

16 Dec 2020

In today s scenario, with an increase in the number of childhood sexual abuse and rape cases, it has become essential for guardians to talk to their kids about the differences between appropriate a....

Useful Tips for Effective Parenting Skills

By HopeQure I 243 views

16 Dec 2020

Parenting is a complex and challengingtask; it requires a whole lot of patience and hard work. Effective parenting is not just rearing the child;instead of laying a foundation for an adult as a par....


By HopeQure I 207 views

02 Dec 2020

You ever felt a hit of fear or anxiousness when you are around something very huge- multiple times bigger than your size? If yes, there is a name for your fear- Megalophobia; it is the fear of larg....

Anxious Attachment

By HopeQure I 153 views

02 Dec 2020

The way we were emotionally attached to our parents during childhood influences how we get attached to our romantic partners in the future. How you interacted with the caregiver in early life stage....

Fear of Abandonment

By HopeQure I 317 views

02 Dec 2020

The fear of being abandoned is an overwhelming anxiousness that someone close to you will leave you. This usually stems from a childhood (traumatic) loss, a parent s loss due to divorce or death. P....

Fear of rejection

By HopeQure I 285 views

02 Dec 2020

At some point in our lives, most of us have been rejected, whether it was that interview or your high school crush. Rejection throws us into a pit filled with feelings of failure, judgement towards....

What causes overthinking and how to overcome it

By HopeQure I 417 views

23 Nov 2020

We all think a lot, to analyze or to reflect.Instead, we should spend quality time to be analytical and critical as well as being inquisitive in our thoughts.  However, among us, some special peopl....