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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has three main features- inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Children affected by ADHD find it difficult to sustain mental effort during play or work. There exists an inability to control their reactions, waiting for a turn and resist immediate temptations.


Facts To Know!!

  • ADHD is more commonly diagnosed in childhood than adults
  • Noticeable symptoms of ADHD appear as early as 3 years of age
  • ADHD is more common in boys as compared to girls
  • ADHD is not a cause but co-exists with developmental disorders like ODD, learning disabilities etc.
  • ADHD occurs in million children and often continues in adulthood


Watch short video introduction on what ADHD looks like.

What causes ADHD?

  • Genetic prevalence in those with parents, siblings or first degree relatives are suffering

  • Exposure of expecting mother to harmful radiation, chemical or drug (teratogens)

  • Premature birth or complications during delivery

  • Exposure of pregnant mother or infant to environmental toxins such as paint, lead, smoke etc.

Difficulty in following instructions

Easily distracted

Poor academic performance

Troublesome relationship

Low self-esteem

Impulsivity or less patience

Hyperactivity or Always on the go

Inattention or low attention span

Symptoms of ADHD?


  • Psycho-education for parents to understand the disorder and perhaps understand the need of their child.

  • Special Education for improved learning and academic competence

  • Occupational therapy to improve coordination and organisation

  • Speech therapy for improved language, interaction and social skills

Recommended Assessments

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