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It is tough to accept the sudden absence of an intimate-partner relationship. Some breakups can be tougher than the others and may involve long term traumas. Therapy will help you enhance awareness for identification, healing and growth. It will facilitate 'moving on' in life and developing healthy future relationships.


Facts To Know!!

  • People suffer from identity crisis and personality changes after break up
  • Men find it more difficult to cope up with break-up in comparison to women
  • According to University of Amsterdam, break up has impacts of physical pain like heart-ache
  • Break up is found to change one's perception about romantic-partner relationships
  • Women are more likely to initiate break-up and even divorce


Watch short video introduction on what Breakup looks like.

What causes Breakup?

  • Infidelity and Financial issues are found to be the biggest cause for break-ups

  • Unmet needs and unrealistic expectations from the partner

  • Lack of clear and coherent communication

  • Incompatibility in terms of sexual needs, desires and fantasies

Changes in appetite

Loneliness and emptiness

Sleepless nights

Lack of interest

Sadness or low mood

Feeling of inadequacy

Anger or rage

Self-doubt or feeling broken

Symptoms of Breakup?


  • Individual Counselling to understand your own triggers, reflect on your own behaviour and work on self-improvement

  • Cognitive Behaviour therapy to provide rationality, clarity and alter your own unhealthy behaviour

  • Psycho-dynamic therapy to understand your own unmet childhood needs and projective behaviour

  • Eclectic couple therapy for giving your relationship a room for improvement

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