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Parenting is a complex process and this journey can be stress causing. Thus, requires lots of self-awareness, it is important to understand that having a mental illness doesn't mean you are a bad parent and having children with special need doesn't mean bad children.

Know More About Parenting Guidance and Counselling

01 What is Parenting Guidance and Counselling?

  • Family cohesiveness is positively correlated with a graduation rate and employment
  • Around 50% children develop health issues after parents' divorce
  • Nearly 2/3rd children are born to mothers below 30 years of age
  • 40% of single fathers cohabit with a partner while only 15% of single mothers cohabit with a partner
  • Psychiatric disorders are not the result of poor parenting

02 What Causes Parenting Guidance and Counselling?

  • Unwillingness to adjust and take responsibilities
  • Handling children with special needs (children with LD, autism, ADHD, other developmental or conduct disorder)
  • Co-parenting with an individual with different values or opposite thoughts
  • Stepparent or single parent due to separation or divorce, death of a parent

03 Symptoms Of Parenting Guidance and Counselling?

  • Blaming
  • Arguments and violence
  • Lying
  • Passive-aggressive behaviour
  • Running from responsibilities
  • Temper tantrums
  • Withholding communication
  • Beating the child

04 Treatment

  • Marriage and family therapy to improve parenting experience and the parent-child bond
  • Cognitive Behaviour therapy to provide rationality, clarity and alter your own unhealthy behaviour as a parent
  • Psycho-education to understand the underlying cause of faulty behaviour and to know the needs of special children
  • Change in lifestyle and healthy coping strategies like yoga, journaling mediation

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Having a child or children at home might make a parent feel overburdened. The fact that the other parent works outside the home could make them angry. A partnership may be strained by this. Physical demands are another common aspect of parenting. Many parents of young children may spend the majority of their day doing housework. Many factors can make raising a child challenging. Typical difficulties that parents encounter include:

  • Providing dependable care
  • Taking care of an infant or toddler's needs
  • Maintaining ties with adults
  • Financial challenges
  • Feeling pressed for time or rushed
  • Planning and scheduling children's days
  • Sleep deprivation

When a youngster exhibits behavioral problems, parenting could become more challenging. If the child has a physical or intellectual disability, parenting may also become more difficult. When a child requires substantial medical care or other special attention, it can be difficult to deal. It could be challenging for parents to offer each child equal attention. Some parents could experience guilt and increased stress as a result of this.

According to research, there are several parenting practices that can exacerbate behavioral issues. When parents are not together is one of these. They might not communicate well if they do this. Children may receive conflicting messages from it. Young children might not be sure what their parents expect of them. They could misbehave as a response to inconsistent parenting.


Authoritative. For the majority of kids, this is thought to be the most beneficial parenting style. Parents who are authoritative have high standards and objectives for their children. These are restrained by an awareness of their children's limitations. These parents are open to flexible communication. Parent-child communication may become simpler as a result.

Neglectful. Lack of time with the child might be a sign of negligent parenting. Parents that are careless may not be familiar with the teachers and friends of their children. They might not give their children the necessities. Rarely is this kind of parenting carried out on purpose. If you or someone you know has this parenting style, it's critical to identify it. Long-term effects of this parenting style on children are possible.

Permissive. Parents who are permissive are nurturing, kind, and encouraging. But they might go too far in this. Parents who are tolerant may do anything to prevent a fight. Their own rules are rarely upheld. Children, who thrive on routine, may be harmed by doing this.

Authoritarian. Parenting that is authoritative is not the same as being authoritarian. With their kids, authoritarian parents are stern and demanding. They frequently have rigid parenting practices. Typically, they use punishment to keep people in line. Open dialogue between parents and children is rarely possible.


Stress might result from parenting problems. Worry, despair, impatience, or aggression may be signs of stress. Grief, despair, and posttraumatic stress disorder can all be brought on by specific events. Typically, one of these is the death of a child or spouse. The wellbeing of any more children may be impacted if these issues are left addressed. These concerns can be addressed and treated through therapy.

Individual therapy- Parents may look for a parenting issue psychologist who focuses on behavioral health or child development. Parents are often urged by an online parenting issue psychologist to carve out time for themselves and feel that is more convenient and affordable option. They might suggest parents to continue their self-care practices.

Family counseling. An entire family's problems can be addressed by a family therapist. Everyone in the family is free to express their individual worries. These issues frequently relate to the dynamics of the family. Parents can learn about problems that need to be fixed.

Couples Counselling. Couples therapy may help some parents improve their parenting abilities by enhancing their relationship. Couples can use it to help them work out differences over family issues or how to raise children.

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