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Parenting Issues

Parenting is a complex process and this journey can be stress causing. Thus, requires lots of self-awareness, it is important to understand that having a mental illness doesn't mean you are a bad parent and having children with special need doesn't mean bad children.

Parenting Issues

Facts To Know!!

  • Family cohesiveness is positively correlated with a graduation rate and employment
  • Around 50% children develop health issues after parents' divorce
  • Nearly 2/3rd children are born to mothers below 30 years of age
  • 40% of single fathers cohabit with a partner while only 15% of single mothers cohabit with a partner
  • Psychiatric disorders are not the result of poor parenting

Parenting Issues

Watch short video introduction on what Parenting Issues looks like.

What causes Parenting Issues?

  • Unwillingness to adjust and take responsibilities

  • Handling children with special needs (children with LD, autism, ADHD, other developmental or conduct disorder)

  • Co-parenting with an individual with different values or opposite thoughts

  • Stepparent or single parent due to separation or divorce, death of a parent

Beating the child

Withholding communication

Temper tantrums

Running from responsibilities

Passive-aggressive behaviour


Arguments and violence


Symptoms of Parenting Issues?


  • Marriage and family therapy to improve parenting experience and the parent-child bond

  • Cognitive Behaviour therapy to provide rationality, clarity and alter your own unhealthy behaviour as a parent

  • Psycho-education to understand the underlying cause of faulty behaviour and to know the needs of special children

  • Change in lifestyle and healthy coping strategies like yoga, journaling mediation

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