Program Outcomes

Overcome Parenting Stress


Beneficial For:

  • Those who are a new parent
  • Whose child is turning to teen
  • Those who experience arguments/ disagreements with your child
  • Those who feel unsure while taking decisions for your child

We Will Help You With:

  • Expert advice on handling parenting issues
  • Professional guidance for parenting related stress
  • Build an effective parenting framework
  • Improve parent-child relationship


Parenting or child-rearing practice is a beautiful yet challenging phase of life. Though parents encounter numerous advices and suggestions for raising the perfect child, the truth is that there is no right method. The one way you can ease the parenting phase is by fostering open communication and strengthening the bond between you and your child.

Different parents follow different parenting styles:

We all wish to be best parents to our children but this process may comprise of several hurdles. These challenges take shape of situation with the development of a child. Following are the common challenges in parenting journey:

The new normal

Family planning brings with itself major lifestyle changes including healthy diet and exercise. There are instances where parents prefer reading parenting books and prepare themselves mentally to accommodate living space. Such planning incorporates a changed routine for the parents to follow, in order to make it suitable for their child.

Health is wealth

This may begin with replacing alcoholic beverages with fresh juices for a healthy pregnancy and to deliver a healthy baby. Everything (such as baby food or baby-care products) is weighed across with its impact on overall wellness. If you are parenting a teen then health concerns may shift to frequency of eating out junks or habits like smoking, alcohol or drug in-take etc.

The time tide

While most people are on peak of their career and have babies in their 30s, time management can be a big issue. Spending quality time with your young one while you have to manage work, household chores, be responsive to the needs of other family members. As the child turns into an adolescent, it is important to ensure that she/he spends quality time with the family.


Co-parenting does become a stressor when the ideology of two guardians does not match. For instance: A 15y/o wishes to go for a sleepover at their friend’s place while mother was explaining him why he is not allowed to go but the father suddenly enters the scene and allows him instantly. This makes one parent friendly while the other parent will be seen as strict. The child may even stop reaching to the strict parent.

The Future Saga

Future concerns regarding formal education including school or college admission, exam results, career choice are cause of worry for most parents.

Financial frame

Children add to the dependency or liability to the earning member/s of the family. Thus, planning and managing finances while accommodating the child rearing expenses is a challenge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents may experience stress due to a variety of variables, including biological, physiological, psychological, social, emotional, and occupational ones.

According to a study, a quarter of parents acknowledged that between the ages of 6 and 8 when their children experienced the most severe outbursts they experience stress the most.

Early parental neglect, hostility, or overreaction can negatively impact a child's emotional and behavioural growth and have long-term consequences, such as poor adjustment outcomes (like social-emotional and peer difficulties) and an elevated risk for mental health and substance use problems as they get older.

A state of physical, mental, and emotional tiredness is known as parental burnout. It can cause melancholy, long-term anxiety, and disease, and it leaves parents feeling constantly exhausted. Parents also frequently experience sleep and attention issues as a result.

Stress is the bodily response whenever we confront a situation which requires our attention, but it is also important to deal with it in a healthy manner. Parents who are stressed can take some time out for themselves and do things they like, otherwise they can reach out to a mental health professional to learn effective ways to deal with stressful situations.

You might seek the help of a mental health professional who can show you how to handle the stressful circumstance more skillfully.

Yes, it may result in parents showing their kids less affection and responsiveness. Feelings of rejection are only a few of the negative repercussions that may result from this reduction in parental ability.

You can seek parental advice from a psychologist whenever you want but you must seek help when you find difficulty in dealing with important areas of functioning.

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