Program Outcomes

Coping with Overthinking


Beneficial For:

  • Those in discomfort due to overthinking
  • Those having a thought stuck in their mind
  • Those experiencing sleepless nights
  • Those willing to acquire mental peace

We Will Help You With:

  • Getting out of the overthinking loop
  • Altering thinking pattern
  • Allowing yourself to restructure cognition
  • Acknowledging difference between feelings and facts

Are you someone who thinks too much or keep thinking for too long? Though it’s natural as a human being to think, re-think or think thoroughly to make judgements or take decisions. However, at times it becomes impossible to get something out of our head.
Over-thinking occurs more often during the night hours i.e. at the end of the day. The reason behind the same is analysis of the activities or happenings of the day.
We all indulge in over-thinking patterns at some or the other point in our life but when you feel stuck with every other thought, this pattern become problematic.
Problems caused due to over thinking include:
All or none reasoning
Catastrophic predictions
Excessive self criticism
Sleepless nights
Negative self talk
Self doubt
Anger issues
Over-thinking can also be a sign of underlying emotional conflicts or psychological issues such as anxiety, insomnia and even depression.
Over-thinking is prevalent among young adults and comparatively rare among old adults. More than 70% of young adults feel stuck upon a thought and find it hard to move out of those thoughts. Also, women are found to be over-thinkers in comparison to men.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, counselling helps with overthinking. Counsellor teaches the client skills to alter negative thoughts and restructure them.

An excessive amount of thought is called overthinking, as is spending a lot of time analyzing a certain issue or problem whereas anxiety is characterized by feelings of fear, dread, and unease. You can start to sweat, feel agitated and tight, and your heart might start to beat quickly. It may be a common response to stress.

Cognitive therapy is the best therapy for overthinking, it teaches one how to first recognize maladaptive thoughts, then to reframe thinking in more rational and balanced ways.

Yes, a therapist can help with overthinking. A therapist teaches the client ways and skills to identify maladaptive thoughts and restructure them in more rational ways.

Depression and anxiety spectrum disorders involve overthinking in which a person keeps thinking about things for a long period.

You can reach out to a mental health professional who will help you to develop skills to take control over your thoughts and feelings.

Overthinking in certain people can also be brought on by traumatic experiences from the past, stress from the present, and significant pressures or demands on one's time. One of the effects of overthinking is deteriorating physical health if it persists for a long time.

Overthinking involves thinking about thoughts which lead to changes in emotions. It can have an impact on how you see and interact with the world around you, hindering your ability to make crucial decisions, stopping you from appreciating the current moment, and depleting your energy for dealing with daily challenges, it can lead to anxiety and depression.

Psychologists teach you skills to identify patterns of thoughts and how to restructure them in a rational way.

Yes, often a person with anxiety and depression suffers from overthinking which leads to physical as well as mental exhaustion.

Yes, you can reach out to a mental health professional for overthinking before it starts to affect your important areas of functioning.

Excessive overthinking is a symptom of mental illness which causes physical as well as mental exhaustion to the individual and hinders his ability to concentrate.

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Although we try to run from it, it is still there. Although we try to cover it up and smoother it, it is still there. Although we try to put on a brave, happy, smiley face and pretend it away, but it’s still there. It’s not a defect, but an illness and can be handled by helping through mental wellness solutions and therapy.

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