Program Outcomes

How to Develop Thinking Skills


Beneficial For:

  • One who wants to expand horizon
  • One who finds it difficult to think rationally
  • One who is wishes to excel in making connections
  • One with a drive to improvise thought patterns

We Will Help You With:

  • Making logical connections between ideas
  • Empowering critical thinking skills
  • Enhancing convergent and logical thinking
  • Techniques to deal with challenging situations


According to Cambridge dictionary, Thinking is “act of using your mind to consider something”.

Thinking skills refer to a cognitive (mental) process through which we form opinions, make judgements, take decisions, solve problems and generate ideas.

We all have thinking skills, but do we use them effectively?!

Let’s learn to use your cognitive faculty effectively via this module/program.

Steps of thinking:

In this way, thinking is simply how we process an idea/experience or knowledge.

Thinking is associated with other integral process:-

Two types of thinking:

  1. Convergent Thinking (inward)


  1. Divergent Thinking (outward)


Advantages of developed thinking skills:

  • Evaluation ability
  • Better organisation
  • Enhanced problem solving
  • Improved decision making
  • Creative idea generation
  • Improved Analysis


Frequently Asked Questions

All of us benefit from having thinking abilities that allow us to analyse information, remember details, and use knowledge in a variety of contexts. This can include more advanced problem-solving and analytical skills.

  • Clarify the context and aim of your thought.
  • Inquire about your resources.
  • Determine the reasons.
  • Analyze the ideas and resources.
  • Analyze other people's points of view.
  • Make up your own defenses.

Thinking skills are mental processes that humans employ to organise and create knowledge, discuss issues, start making plans, address problems, and reach various judgements.

By practicing critical thinking, you can enhance your cognitive skills. These exercises can help us to develop critical thinking skills like analysis of data, conflict resolution, and synthesis.

There are three different types of thinking: lateral, divergent, and convergent. Finding a single solution in an easy-to-understand way using convergent thinking. Divergent thinking is the process of weighing many solutions to issues. Convergent and divergent thinking are combined in the indirect process known as lateral thinking.

  • Decide what the issue or query is.
  • Assemble information, viewpoints, and arguments.
  • Analyze and assess the information.
  • Recognize your assumptions.
  • Determine importance.
  • Choose and come to a conclusion.
  • Connect or be present.

The three basic building blocks of thought are as follows: Symbols are the building blocks of the mind and they stand in for anything, and labels for a group of interconnected mental items are called concepts. A class of thoughts is prototype.

  • Make up your inquiry.
  • Gather the data you need.
  • Use the knowledge.
  • Think about the effects.
  • Examine alternative viewpoints.

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