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Couple Issues

It is common to experience various issues with your partner such as a lack of freshness in a long-term, giving time to each other, long-distance relationship. Therapy can help you deal with this and improve the quality of your relationship.

Couple Issues

Facts To Know!!

  • Around 75-80 per cent couples in couple therapy felt improvement in their relationship
  • On an average couple seek therapy after 5-6 years of conflicts
  • Couple therapy is not just for major issues like cheating or violence but also to improve satisfaction from the relationship
  • 'Partner' is not the problem, his/her cognition or behaviour pattern might be
  • It is not necessary to undergo individual therapy before a couple therapy

Couple Issues

Watch short video introduction on what Couple Issues looks like.

What causes Couple Issues?

  • Unrealistic expectations from your partner

  • Jealousy, cheating, lying, hiding things and other fishy behaviour

  • Unmet needs, dissatisfaction, taking for granted

  • Interfering parents, in-laws or other relatives

Same-sex (homo couples' issues)


Faulty Communication

Sexual incompatibility



Role confusion

Arguments and anger issues

Symptoms of Couple Issues?


  • Solution-focused Counselling to resolve the primary and surface conflicts among the couple

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to provide a rational window, bring clarity and modify faulty behaviour

  • Psycho-dynamic therapy to understand unmet childhood needs and projective behaviour

  • Eclectic couple therapy for holistic well-being, understanding attachment styles and improving the relationship

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