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Violence & Abuse

Physical hitting, abusive language and causing social embarrassment are red flags. The underlying cause of abuse and violence in a relationship may vary but nobody shall abuse their partner. If you are experiencing this seek help as soon as possible.

Violence & Abuse

Facts To Know!!

  • Violence and abuse are often glorified and used as tools to display (toxic) masculinity
  • Dependant female encounter failed attempt to leave abusive partners
  • Most victims use learned helplessness as a safe option instead of retaliation
  • Violence and abuse are a result of power imbalance among the couple
  • Emotional abuse is the most common and most unseen/neglected form of abuse.

Violence & Abuse

Watch short video introduction on what Violence & Abuse looks like.

What causes Violence & Abuse?

  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Inability to handle or cope up with life stressors

  • Low mutual respect, need to feel powerful, dominate and control the partner

  • Learned or modelling abusive parent or result of being abused


Hampered social relations

Impaired functioning

Sense of fear/guilt

Sexual abuse (BDSM)

Emotional abuse (blaming)

Verbal abuse (name calling)

Physical abuse (hitting)

Symptoms of Violence & Abuse?


  • Couple counselling to work on communication styles and setting boundaries

  • Psycho-education to enlighten about the Trauma-like symptoms caused due to abuse

  • Cognitive Behaviour therapy to unlearn the maladaptive behaviour and learn healthy behaviour pattern

  • De-addiction program for addict partner/abuser

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