Identity Crisis & Career Confusion

There is no question that our careers are also part of our personalities and are a critical part of our lives. Unfortunately, for many people, their career is perhaps the most important aspect of their life. A career crisis can hit anyone and is unbiased with recent school pass out or new graduates; find out how to deal with it and make a new start with career counselling online with a certified career counsellor.

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Identity Crisis & Career Confusion

01 What is Identity Crisis & Career Confusion?

  • Career confusion is a normal state of mind among teens.
  • It is believed that the atmosphere in which a child grew up is essential for developing its sense of self-consciousness and identity.
  • Realisation phase for teens may realize that they behave differently depending on the situation and who's with them.
  • Teens figure out who they are by experimenting with new appearances and different looks or new interests.
  • Career confusion is a big reason for stress in families.

02 What Causes Identity Crisis & Career Confusion?

  • When you aren't aware of your likes, dislike, strengths weakness.
  • Sometimes career confusion occurs when you know what you like but you don't find it right as your career.
  • When there is no acceptance on your chosen career choice from family or society.
  • Sometimes career confusion could be due to lack of resource availability, such as no institution/academy/college available near your residence or financial crisis.

03 Symptoms Of Identity Crisis & Career Confusion?

  • Choosing the wrong career
  • Frustration
  • Unsure about a career path
  • Irritability
  • Hopelessness
  • Feeling worthless
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Lack of motivation

04 Treatment

  • Career counselling to help you identify the factors that influence your career development.
  • Psychological assessment to assess your aptitude, intelligence, personality.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy aims to change problematic thoughts and belief and helps to boost self-esteem/confidence in yourself.
  • Relaxation techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises or a morning walk.

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For whom you need the counseling session?

Career Counselling Online

Choosing a major and determining what profession you want to acquire after graduation are only two aspects of career development. In other words, you will change during your life, circumstances will change, and you will constantly have to make decisions about your profession and your personal life. Career counseling aims to equip you with the knowledge and abilities you need to make future career and life decisions in addition to assisting you in making the decisions you must make right away.

What To Expect In Career Counselling?

During you career counselling online session, you career counsellor will:

  • Assist you in determining your identity and the goals you have for your life, work, and education.
  • Be someone you can talk to about your ideas, feelings, and worries about your job and educational options. This person should be able to assist you sift through your emotions and put them in order and make sense of them.
  • Help you examine your interests, skills, and values as well as the elements that influence your professional progress.
  • Assist you in finding resources and sources of information about careers.
  • Assist you in creating a plan to reach your objectives and deciding on your future steps.

What Your Career Counsellor Won’T Do:

  • Tell you what to do, what you should study for your major, or what career to pursue.
  • provide you with scheduling or course selection advice.

Do I Need Career Counselling Services?

Career counseling is acceptable for all students, including freshmen, juniors, seniors, and even alumni because career development is a lifelong process. But the earlier you start making deliberate choices about your future, the better off you'll be! All first-year students are encouraged to visit with a career counselor.

Examples Of Concerns Dealt In Career Counselling Online:

Investigating potential majors and careers.

  • You don't know what you want to do with your life.
  • You are not sure what you should major in.
  • You have whittled it down to a few professional alternatives, but you are finding it difficult to decide between them.
  • You aware of your intended major, but you are unsure of your post-graduation plans.
  • You aware of what you want to do, but you are unsure of the ideal major.
  • You are curious about the types of employment you can acquire with your major.

Conflict resolving:

  • You enjoy a variety of courses, and you frequently switch your major since you are unsure of one is best for you.
  • You don't enjoy any of your classes, and you don't particularly like any of the majors you are considering.
  • You want to discover a new professional path that will allow you to expand on the talents you already have because you have a lot of job experience.
  • You had intended to enroll in a particular program, but you applied and was rejected. What shall you now do?
  • You have always wanted to be of a particular profession, but now that you have chosen your major, you don’t like it!

Importance Of Career Counselling For Students

Now that we have a basic understanding of what career counseling is, let's examine its significance. Today's kids have access to a variety of careers, therefore the value of career counseling has unquestionably grown. A professional career counselor may help students make decisions when they are at a turning point where they may need to select a stream in class 11 or the best course following class 12.

Across all age groups, career counseling is important. Career counseling may assist in managing a number of other connected concerns, such as poor motivation and lack of confidence, in addition to assisting in determining one's future career path. Career counselors provide neutral counsel and may help resolve the conflict between parents and children on the best course of study. The move from one selected career field to another is made easier and less stressful with the aid of career counseling.

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