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Program Outcomes

Job Satisfaction

Beneficial For:

  • Someone experiencing low motivation
  • Someone undergoing stress and fatigue
  • Someone having disinterest in work
  • Avoiding quarrels at the workplace

We Will Help You With:

  • Increased work-life balance
  • Increased integrity
  • Keeping up the motivation levels
  • Feeling more contempt with workplpace
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Job satisfaction refers to the degree to which a person is satisfied with his\her job . A person is satisfied when he\she is happy ,have stability in life , is growing every day and is living a stress free life. Every person encounter dissatisfaction in job sometime or the other, but the thing is to overcome it. Sometimes this dissatisfaction can cause irritation, aggressive mood, stress, bring difficulties in your work life balance etc. But if a person stays motivated and focused towards career and have confidence EX - When a person believes that he or she is being underpaid or is doing more than what he is receiving from the organisation. It may lead to heightened dissatisfaction from the job. Factors determining job satisfaction: 1.Respect- if there is respect in the job or profession the person is doing then there will be satisfaction . There should not be name calling or saying demeaning words. 2.Equal treatment -irrespective of gender, race, age, disability, workers position, religion. Everyone in the same organisation should be treated equally rather than disrespected due to differences. 3. Recognition- Employees should be appreciated for their work and effort. Recognition will help the employee to reinforce that particular behaviour, and they will work hard to get that recognition again by increasing that behaviour. 4. Flexible working hours- The organisation should provide flexible working hours because it is beneficial for the employees. Harsh deadlines will result in work which will be more of quantity and less of quality. 5.Mental overload -When the work stress is too much and meeting the dead line seem difficult . This can happen once a while. So much mental load will lead to mental health issues and the person will only think of work even if he is trying to have fun. 6.Work life Balance- Many people bring their work from office to home and they forget about their families and don t give them time It s not that they are unable to give time but just because the work is much more consuming. 7.Remuneration- if there are doing overtime. If you are working excessively and not getting paid then that can cause dissatisfaction. 8.Friendly relations- This is necessary to develop good interpersonal relationships, this will also increase morale among them and will also help to develop a strong development amongst internal employees of an organisation. 9.Environment-the environment of the organisation should be comfortable and it should include proper lightning, climate control, cleanliness and fixtures. 10. Promotion- This also means growth. Each person should get promotion on a regular basis. Promotion signifies that your contribution to the organisation is worth it. 11. Perks- When a person is working hard, they deserves some perks that are given by the company. Perks like paid vacations, paid sick leaves, bonus, health insurance etc. 12. Motivation- Every employee should feel motivated. The motivation to grow, the motivation to achieve more every day. 13. Right job- Job satisfaction is enjoyed the most when the job you are doing is of your interest and capability. If the job doesn t interest you and you are in it because your field of interest was not available, then it causes dissatisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

When an employee doesn’t feel satisfied with his job it gets reflected in his performance, he might feel a lack of motivation to work and negative feelings towards the organization.

Work environment, lack of appreciation, work-life balance, inadequate management, and interest in job are some of the factors that lead to job satisfaction.

People with poor job satisfaction showcase psychological concerns like greater rates of sadness, sleep issues, prolonged stress, emotional instability, irritation and agitation, mood swings etc. People with poor job satisfaction have poor mental health as well.

Employee dissatisfaction frequently results in poor work quality, and bad assessments of services received. Additionally, it could result in problems with one's physical and mental health.

You can reach out to a mental health professional who can help you to learn effective coping skills to deal with the stressful situation. Therapists online can help you resolve your concerns.

  • Set manageable, modest objectives.
  • To promote teamwork
  • Boost your physical and mental Health
  • Maintain your optimism.
  • Acknowledge accomplishments.
  • Take periodic pauses.

When you feel that the stress you are experiencing is impacting your other important areas of functioning including your personal and social relationships.

Maintaining a balance between work and personal life requires time management, healthy boundaries, personal space, some time to practice what you love, physical workout etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in "Job Satisfaction" Tool Kit.

Although we try to run from it, it is still there. Although we try to cover it up and smoother it, it is still there. Although we try to put on a brave, happy, smiley face and pretend it away, but it’s still there. It’s not a defect, but an illness and can be handled by helping through mental wellness solutions and therapy.

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