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The mood is significantly disturbed, on some occasions, there is elevation in mood and increased activity while low mood and decreased energy otherwise. The lows and highs of mood can occur in discrete episodes or may overlap (mixed episode). Symptoms can be confusing and initially, it might look like a depressive disorder or a manic disorder. Close examination and assessment is required for accurate diagnosis. Further, you may seek counselling for bipolar disorder or therapy for bipolar disorder.


Facts To Know!!

  • Bipolar disorder is of various types such as Bipolar I, Bipolar II, cyclothymia etc.
  • BPD can occur at any age but often diagnosed in early 20s.
  • People can experience 'mixed episodes' of mania and depression.
  • Symptoms and episode cycle is unique and highly subjective.
  • With proper care and time, patients can lead a happy and healthy life.


Watch short video introduction on what Bipolar looks like.

What causes Bipolar?

  • Biological causes- change in brain physiology due to accident or injury

  • Genetic Factor- Higher tendency if the first degree of relatives are affected

  • Other medical conditions such as cushing disease, scissor or stroke

  • Excessive drug and alcohol consumption, Periods of high stress or trauma

Hampered social relations

Lack of clarity

Change in appetite

Disrupted sleep

Emotional instability

Extreme episode of depression

Extreme episode of mania/ euphoria

Severe mood swings

Symptoms of Bipolar?


  • Medication including mood stabilizers, anti-psychotic and antidepressant for stabilizing mood.

  • Psychotherapy for behaviour modification and maintenance of social relationships

  • Individual counselling to reframe their experiences and enhance self-understanding

  • Changes in lifestyle

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