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Personal Stress

Personal stress is the most common among all different types of stress. It usually can happen after a painful relationship breakdown, lose a dear one, fight with your spouse or have another problem that causes you to feel sad or anxious. You may experience weight changes, changes in how you sleep or how long you sleep, feelings of isolation and mood swings. Stress in personal life may occur when you feel overwhelmed at home or at work.

Personal Stress

Facts To Know!!

  • Stress is also likely to alter our blood glucose levels, which can lead to fatigue and hyperglycaemia.
  • Dark chocolate has been proven to reduce stress hormones
  • Stress can also cause weight gain.
  • Women are highly affected by personal stress.
  • Personal stress that remained around for weeks or even months may affect the immune system.

Personal Stress

Watch short video introduction on what Personal Stress looks like.

What causes Personal Stress?

  • Difficult marriage or divorce

  • Serious illnesses in the family

  • Care for dependents, such as children and elderly members

  • Bereavement

Reproductive questions

Weight of problems

Cardiac disease


Problems with sleep



Digestive Problem

Symptoms of Personal Stress?


  • Medication may be appropriate in some cases as a person progresses along his or her path.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for the recognition of negative thoughts and behaviors experienced by an individual.

  • Psychologists often prescribe many lifestyle changes for individuals to know how to control their stress.

  • Relaxation techniques may reduce stress

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