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Stress is a charged up internal condition of our body in response to some repulsive external or internal situation. Whichever way you wish to understand, stress it is the truth of the day and you can’t deny it. It can be caused by external forces like fluctuating climatic condition, approaching examination, parental or peer pressure and quarrelsome or by internal forces like low energy level, lack of enthusiasm and poor image..

Stress can either be positive or negative phased the good stress called eustress and negative stress called distress. Stress can be emotional, nutritional, chemical, physiological

Stress is a very powerful force that involves awareness, attention and energy. It can be managed to empower you. But if you let stress control you the resulting stress can control you. Below mentioned are some ways to find stress

Find out your ‘alarm response’ or signs and symptoms of stress: Our body produces a physical ‘alarm response’ that pumps adrenalin through our body for us to identify our stress.

Finding out what causes stress in you: personality type plays a major role in reaction to stress. For example, people who set unrealistic goals are often more prone to stress.

After identifying what causes stress in you can manage it by following stress management techniques

Yoga for breathing exercises: allowing yourself in hill station of a breed of full oxygen does bringing in a good supply into your brain is also an effective way of dealing with stress when tense over undesirable situation and stretched over discomforting feelings belly or abdominal breathing can be very soothing because it shows you down and relax your muscles

Meditation: meditation helps us in enhancing our mindfulness regular meditation can bring abundance of peace in your mind and calm and composure do your body people who are successful in their chosen field have managed and overcome their day-to-day stress by meditating.

Physical exercise: One common tip of getting stress is that your muscles contract which further adds to your discomfort with headache back pain muscle pull and high blood pressure relaxing your muscles by deep breathing lying down with closed eyes or sitting with the form head support is almost always a better idea to deal with stress.

By now you should be able to tell that stress occurs normally as well however you should not allow it to obstruct your performance. To reduce the daily stress allow yourself to spend time with your family and friends whenever possible and not thinking too much going on vacations whenever time and resources permit.. Researchers say that a good vacation helps us to reconnect with ourselves operating as a vehicle for self-discovery and helping us to get back to feeling our best.. In fact, people who take regular time to relax are less likely to experience burnout thereby becoming more creative and productive than their overworked under rested counterparts.

All these are some good stress management techniques that help in dealing with stress that comes from fear of the unknown besides also practice feeding yourself on good stress while all stress must be managed. It is a mistake to think of all stress as bad. Some stresses can be very good also known as eustress. Good stress apparently, like all stress seems too much to handle emotionally or physically but it does not drain you of energy. Its very nature energizes you, helping you handle more than you thought would be possible.

Taking time out for nature walks too helps in reducing your stress level. Working hard to fulfil your dream is important but equally required in meeting your physical and mental needs. Many of us stretch ourselves much beyond our physical and mental capacity giving way to stress. Try to break your working hours into parts with brief breaks in between. Taking time out for nature works of five to 10 minutes after every two hours of continuous work is also a good idea as it helps you to break monotony and focus on your work better.

Taking a walk in the park could actually shift your brain into a calmer state according to recent research. A recent study found that walking through green spaces can put the brain into a meditative state. Definitely a good reason to take a walk in the park spending time in nature has been linked to stress reduction. Besides, like any other cardiovascular exercise, brisk walking can boost the secretion of endorphins in our body which is capable of reducing a stress hormone and thereby elevating our mild depression.

By - Kriti



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