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Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder is a psychological condition that is marked by severe anxiety. This anxiety comes from intense, unfounded fears of being monitored in social settings by others. It affects a person's ability to function in life. We can assess this disorder with a social anxiety test. Sadly, this also goes undiagnosed and untreated. This is due to numerous assumptions and theories about social anxiety that people consider to be true.

Social Anxiety

Facts To Know!!

  • Social anxiety disorder is common among people of both genders and generally starts about the age of 13.
  • More men than women seek help for social phobia, probably because of gender roles and social expectations.
  • Globally, the third most common mental health problem is a social anxiety disorder.
  • Social anxiety disorder causes significant impairments.
  • Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common of all psychological disorders, and its prevalence is growing.

Social Anxiety

Watch short video introduction on what Social Anxiety looks like.

What causes Social Anxiety?

  • Past Experiences and Environmental, factors cause social anxiety disorder.

  • Negative beliefs and maladaptive behaviour.

  • People are more likely to have social anxiety if they have a family history.

  • Physical abnormalities like an imbalance of serotonin can lead to social anxiety disorder.

Difficulty to stay alone

Appearing incompetent

Fast heart rate


Difficulty in speaking


Excessive sweating

Worried what others think about you

Symptoms of Social Anxiety?


  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy- It helps in improving an individual’s social and coping skills during social anxiety-provoking situations

  • Exposure Therapy-It is the most successful method to gradually get people back to events or circumstances in a structured way.

  • Relaxation Techniques-Such as breathing exercises to gain control over trouble breathing or rapid heartbeat.

  • Medication- Antidepressant medications are usually used to treat panic disorders.

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