Advantages of HopeQure EAP (Employee Assistance Program):

Growth is awesome, but it comes at the cost of increased hardwork, team stress and anxiety, impacting the work-life balance of teams and leaders and thus slowing them down with burnout!

While you focus on the growth and improved productivity, we help you and your team with sound mental health by helping them mange burnout, stress, procrastication, anxiety and work - life balance through HopeQure's Employee Assistance Program, so that your team can actively participate with increased profitable productive contribution.

Book your 45 minutes demo to introduce how EAP can help your team in improving productivity and explore the scope of customizable Employee Assistance Program for your organisation.

01 Increased productivity

An employee with a healthy mental state tends to complete tasks in a more efficient manner leading to better productivity.

02 Improved resilience

Stress and anxiety are significantly reduced with effective coping strategies to increase workplace satisfaction and promote work-life balance.

03 Ownership

Inculcates a sense of ownership amongst employees towards their Key Responsibilitiy Areas making them self reliant

04 Higher work efficiency

The program helps to reduce absenteeism and presentism which helps boost work efficiency

05 Healthy Work Environment

A happy workplace makes the most productive and result driven workforce.


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What comes in Employee Assistance Program

We keep trying to brush it under the carpet until it becomes too late. We cannot hide it, cover it or put on a smile to pretend it away. It is not an imperfection but an illness that needs tender loving care. Mental health can be enhanced through corporate mental wellness solutions and therapy.

Monthly workshop


Self help techniques

Self help

Counselling Sessions

Video Counselling

Regular Activities


Reading Resources


Daily Mood Tracking

Daily Mood



Mental Health

Mental Health



Assistance 24



Critical Care


Dedicated Wellness

Program Outcomes

Corporate Wellness program

We have designed our online portal in a way that it becomes really simple and quick for your employees to enroll themselves and start benefiting from our employee mental health program at the comfort of their homes or office.

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Monthly Psychological Assessments

We use psychological tools to create a detailed mental health profile of the employees by assessing them on various psychological parameters which can contribute towards their work performance and productivity.

one to one
1 to 1 Counseling Sessions with our experts

We provide a safe and confedential environment to all of your team members encouraging them to freely talk about mental health issues with our industry experts.

personalized dashboard
Personalized Dashboard

Our online platform provides a personalised dashboard to all your employees giving them an easy access and one stop to avail all the services.

self help
Self Help Tools and Reading Material

This bonus feature provides access to self- help digital tools, activities and reading material which are specifically designed to promote self-care and self- awareness.

Weekly Workshops and Leadership Training

The comprehensive and engaging workshops are curated to make employees aware and equip them with skills to handle various common mental health issues.

These workshops also contribute to building a cohesive and co-operative work environment with various training on effective leadership and employee relations.
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Monthly Report
Psychological & Growth Analysis Report

We like to keep a data driven approach. Hence, we provide you and your employees with an amalgamated & individual psychological report

respectively to track the progress of employee counselling and learn about the performance trend through statistical data. This equips you to have an overview about your team’s current and overall psychological performance.
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Enagament Rate
HR Admin Dashboard

Professional expertise in psychological, emotional and behavioural disturbances

Utilization Rate
Emotional Wellbeing Programs

Time bounded issues specific emotional well-being programs which includes pre & post assessments, multiple therapy sessions, DIY worksheets & mental health report providing in depth support and guidance to overcome the mental health concern.

Concerns min
HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliant processes ensures complete end to end data confidentiality and security.

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Employee Dashboard

One single place to avail multiple effective mental health services in a confidential and secure environment. User friendly processes which makes booking any service really easy and quick.


Know about Best Employee Assistance Program

HopeQure provides engaging and easy to understand communication material for employees ensuring smooth program launch and engagement.

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Employee Assistance Program
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Prevention Of Sexual Harassment
Lifestyle Management For Shift Employees
Employee #WFH Wellness Package

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of workshops are conducted online to provide easy accessibility, but in case of a special request by the management, the workshop can be conducted in person/offline.

All therapists at HopeQure are licensed practitioners from the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). All mental health practitioners associated with HopeQure are well-versed in their respective fields and have been in practice for many years.

The program helps improve 10% productivity that a contributes to the bottom line in EBITDA at a cost that is less than what any organization would be spending on the cup of tea of the employees. Furthermore, the company can put a cap on the number of sessions taken by employees in one month.

In such a situation, there can be two possible plans of action; a)HopeQure will conduct a sensitization workshop for all the managers b) The SPOC will convey the concerns against the reported manager so that the organization can take the necessary steps.

Yes, HopeQure’s platform can handle colossal data, without compromising the quality of the service.

This is a step-by-step process,

  • The first step is to take an individual assessment on the dashboard. The employee will be nudged to speak to a therapist based on the results.
  • The therapist further, takes notes, and concerns reported in the session are divided into personal and organizational.
  • Furthermore, the organizational concerns are divided into 6 categories, and monthly workshops are conducted around those concerns.
  • Finally, the assessments conducted during the live workshop also provide the overall idea of mental health in the organization.

HopeQure offers audio/video/chat therapy options to provide easy accessibility. The employee can use the preferred mode of conversation as per their comfort and convenience.

The workshops are live and conducted according to personalized topics that involve two-way interaction and assessments throughout the workshop.

The profiles are necessary for employees so that they can keep a track of their mental health progress.

The employee can choose a new therapist based on the preference of language, gender, and specialization. The feedback given by employees is taken into serious consideration.