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Sexual addiction is a progressive sexuality condition characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and actions. And a preoccupation with pornography, sexual thoughts, acts and fantasies. It becomes a problem when sexual activities and thoughts are beyond voluntary control, hinders routine life and has negative consequences. To beat this disorder you should take counselling for sexual disorders.

Know More About Sexologist Doctors for Male & Female

01 What is Sexologist Doctors for Male & Female?

  • Both men and women are affected by sexual problems.
  • Sexual problems occur in adults of all ages.
  • Sex addicts suffer from a destructive pattern of sexual activity that causes serious difficulties or distress.
  • Sexual addiction can lead to physical effects, such as sexual dysfunction or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The advancement of technology and thus the availability of online sexual graphics on one click is one of the major reasons for the rise in the incidence of sex addiction.

02 What Causes Sexologist Doctors for Male & Female?

  • If a person is prone to impulsive behaviour and has high levels of sex-related hormones, they might be more likely to engage in unnecessary sexual activity.
  • Genetic mutations can increase or decrease the risk of addictions directly
  • Environmental factors play an important role in sex addiction.
  • Incidents from the past or childhood.

03 Symptoms Of Sexologist Doctors for Male & Female?

  • Obsessive sexual thoughts and fantasies
  • Lying or cheating to conceal behaviour
  • Spending most of the time planning about next sexual activity and inability to control
  • Putting oneself or others in danger due to sexual behaviour
  • Engaging in sexual behaviour despite health risks.
  • Excessive pornography watching hours
  • Difficulty in developing emotional relation with the sexual partner
  • Feeling remorse or guilt after sexual activity

04 Treatment

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - It helps people get better, not just feel better, it aims to fix and solve where the issues emerge, rather than the feelings that result.
  • Psychodynamic therapy - This therapy uncovers early childhood effects of sexual behaviours or causes that lead to current sex addiction.
  • Couple Therapy or Marriage Counselling - It may help strengthen communication skills, confidence and healthy sexual functioning between partners.
  • Medication-Medication reduces sex hormones by reducing compulsive urges and/or desires associated with sexual addictions in some patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous physiological explanations for sex-related problems. Medical intervention can be used to treat those, but the majority also have psychological problems that need for treatment. A sexologist addresses problems with intimacy and relationships and offers a guided self-help personal intervention to help you get the most out of your relationship.

It's not always simple to find the ideal fit for you and your partner.The subject is extremely private, and the industry is mostly uncontrolled. Why do I need a sex therapist, you might ask? It is crucial to make sure you understand why you need assistance.Think about the credentials and training of the therapist. It's critical to check the credentials and experience of any potential therapists. Meet With Several Choices If you're picking a therapist. If at all feasible, make an effort to schedule first consultations with two to three therapists.

If we experience any issues relating to our health and wellbeing, we frequently seek medical attention. However, the word "sexual health" is underutilized, and discussing it makes many uncomfortable. It is really important to take care of your sexual health because doing so will keep you disease- and health-free. Low sexual desire causes unwelcome stress in all areas of your life, including the emotional, social, and psychological ones. Do you have any problems with your sexual wellness? Consult a sexologist online through the HopeQure platform to receive accurate and helpful medical advice for your sexual issues.

Changes in yours or your partner's sexual preferences, if not addressed, could lead to relationship issues. Sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, impotence, sexual trauma, abrupt changes in sexual behavior, decreased sexual desire, or diminished libido can be attributed to a stressful existence and an unhealthy lifestyle. Such problems are a clue that you should see a sexologist. You can speak with sexologists listed on the HopeQure platform if you have issues with sexual dysfunction or orientation.

People with sexual issues are helped by sex therapists. Sex therapists are licensed counselors, physicians, or other healthcare professionals who have received further training in assisting clients with sex-related issues.

Excessive sexual thoughts, feelings, urges, or actions that are uncontrollable and impair your relationships, finances, or other areas of your life are referred to as a sex addiction. Hypersexuality and obsessive sexual activity are two more labels for sexual addiction. The first step in treating psychological sex addiction is acknowledging that you are depending on sexual behavior to deal with your psychological problems. When you realize this, stop self-medicating your emotional agony and deal with the abandonment, abuse, or neglect where it originated. Then, using other healthy methods, you can reestablish your sense of worth and self-image. The ideal way to complete this treatment is with the assistance of a qualified professional, such as a licensed counselor or psychologist.

Similar to all forms of psychotherapy, sex therapy. By talking about your concerns, thoughts, and experiences, you can address the illness. You develop coping strategies with your therapist after that to help you respond better in the future and have a healthy sex life. Your therapist will keep encouraging you to better manage and accept the worries that could be causing sexual dysfunction during each session. All talk therapy, including sex therapy, is conducted in a setting that is both encouraging and instructive.

One or more of the following approaches may be suggested by those who may have sex addiction treatment. The recovery paradigm used by Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) and other similar programs is based on Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). They can be a huge aid in dealing with sex addiction. In order to change habits, a person might learn how to recognize the causes of their sexual drives through cognitive behavior therapy. Individual sessions with a qualified mental health therapist are used to accomplish this.


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