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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health condition triggered by witnessing a terrifying event. A person suffering from this experiences recurrent dreams and flashback from the past. In severe cases, it affects daily functioning, social relationships and adjustment. To get over symptoms try PTSD therapy, PTSD counselling and psychotherapy for PTSD


Facts To Know!!

  • PTSD can occur at any age (i.e. in children, teens and adults)
  • 67 per cent of people who faced violence develop PTSD symptoms
  • PTSD is common among those military and have served on war grounds
  • Cognitive restructuring is most helpful in dealing with PTSD
  • Symptoms of PTSD varies with person and over time.


Watch short video introduction on what PTSD looks like.

What causes PTSD?

  • Loss of a loved one, chronic disease or giving birth to a still born

  • Facing major accident or natural calamity such as earthquake, flood

  • Childhood abuse or domestic violence

  • Sexual harassment and rape

Trouble sleeping

Hopelessness about future

Emotional Numbness


Uncontrollable thoughts

Recurrent Flashbacks


Severe Anxiety

Symptoms of PTSD?


  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)- a combination of exposure and cognitive restructuring helps in effective management of PTSD

  • Eye movement desensitization (EDMR) - the therapy involves processing trauma-related thoughts and memories by drawing attention to sound while thinking about trauma

  • Present Centred Therapy- providing psycho-education regarding impacts of trauma on current life

  • Medication such as SSRIs and anti -depressants along with above therapies

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