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Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are much more than just cutting down on calories or obsessive exercise. It is characterised by the need to look a certain way, which can be budded from social standards of beauty or due to comparing oneself with others. You can take an eating disorder test or self-assessment. Common types of an eating disorder include Anorexia Nervosa, Binge eating and Bulimia. Seek online therapy for eating disorder

Eating Disorders

Facts To Know!!

  • Eating disorders can occur in all genders across all races, ethnicities and socio-economic classes.
  • Eating disorders are most often diagnosed in adolescents.
  • Anorexia (an eating disorder) has the highest mortality rate among mental illnesses.
  • Eating disorders are third most chronic illness in among young women.
  • Unfortunately only 1/3rd people receive treatment for eating disorder

Eating Disorders

Watch short video introduction on what Eating Disorders looks like.

What causes Eating Disorders?

  • Societal standards and cultural norms

  • Personality factors such as neuroticism, perfectionism

  • Need for validation and approval

  • Comparisons with peers and celebrities

Brittle hair and nails

Low self esteem and poor confidence

Hiding food

Obsessive work out

Induced vomiting

Calorie counting

Distorted body image

Self scrutiny

Symptoms of Eating Disorders?


  • Medication- to regulate the blood sugar levels, hormones and covering up the deficiency

  • Individual Counselling- to understand that the irrational grounds of your disorder and to help you use your inner resources to overcome it.

  • Dietician Consultation- to help you in meal planning and maintain healthy weight

  • Psychoeducation for self and family- To provide a supportive environment

Recommended Assessments

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