Program Outcomes

How to Boost Your Confidence

01 Beneficial For:

  • One who is self-conscious and self-critical most of the time
  • One who feels “I am not good enough” even after constant successes.
  • One who becomes anxious before any presentation or interview
  • People with low self-esteem

02 We Will Help You With:

  • Make you accept challenges in life without hesitations
  • Make you more resilient
  • Help you to look at yourself through the lens of self-improvement instead of being self-critical
  • Experience a more positive you

“First impression is the last impression”. This saying is self-explanatory as it focuses on making a good first impression of our self by appearing confident. We all want to portray ourselves as confident individuals especially when we want to give our first impression. As humans we tend to admire certain people for their exuberance and confidence. But the question arises, what is self-confidence?

Self-Confidence is the belief and conviction in oneself. It is a trust we have on ourselves and on our capabilities that we can deal with whatever life brings to us. An understanding and acknowledgement of our own abilities is an important aspect for building confidence. When people project their confidence and display a willingness to be out there, a sense of credibility is reflected upon them.

However, it is not something we are born with, neither is it a fixed trait. It is a trust on our own strengths and abilities that can be built through various means.

The first step towards building self-confidence involves knowing ourselves better. We can only have faith in something if we are well aware about. For this reason, it is important to understand what Self-Concept is. Self-Concept is the complete knowledge of our own self including an awareness of our strengths and weaknesses. Improving the self-concept can help in increasing the self-esteem and further increasing the confidence.

Many times, Self-confidence and Self-Esteem are seen as being the same concepts. However, although connected, they have different meaning.

Self-Esteem is our attitude towards self. It is the positive or negative assessment of the self. For example, people not only evaluate themselves as having behaved well or poorly, but they often feel good or bad about how they have acted. Therefore, it can be said that our Self-Esteem will make sure whether we have high or low self-confidence.

In fact, Self-Esteem is a necessary need for us. Being low on self-esteem can hamper our performance on tasks we know the best.

This is a need hierarchy. The hierarchy shows that after our basic and belongingness needs are met, esteem needs are the next set of essentials.

Still, it is very common for us to be highly skilled but still experience a lack of confidence. It is due to lack of self-awareness about our own abilities that causes us to exhibit low Self-Confidence. Each individual is unique and worthy of respect. We just need to uncover our own selves to see the uniqueness.

Through this program, we will try to help you uncover your own self and boost your confidence.

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