Implications of positive emotions on relationship
Written By: Counselling Psychologist
M.Sc. Psychology - Swansea University, UK.
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MA Psychology Pennsylvania State University, USA
Last Updated: 07-03-2023

Implications of positive emotions on relationship


Positive emotions include feelings such as happiness, appreciation, contentment, joy, love, and excitement among others. A study suggests that the act of reflecting on the good things that happen to us eventually contributes to our wellness. By doing this we start to notice what goes right as well as wrong in our lives, changing our focus to the positive. Even on a bad day, there are few good things that happen, even small but significant. It is important to accept it, learn from it and move ahead with a positive attitude.

As significant as positive emotions are for us as people, they might be considerably increasingly significant for our relations. They assist us with fashioning solid associations with others by separating limits that differentiate us from one another. By expanding our consideration in manners that assist us with considering ourselves to be less unmistakable from others, they permit us to make a wide range of connections, including sentimental ones. At a point when we are in sentimental connections we want to grow ourselves by including our accomplice or life partner inside our self and we partner that extension of our self with the other.

These feelings can assist individuals with feeling nearer and progressively associated with their friends and family. Furthermore, the more you constantly encourage positive emotions in your connections, the more associated and glad you feel by and large. Another way positive feelings can upgrade connections is through viruses. Similarly, we can pass colds along to our accomplices through physical infection, so we can go along our sentiments to our accomplices through passionate virus. Ever notice how when you invest energy with your accomplice, you regularly end up feeling the feelings the individual in question is encountering? Enthusiastic disease is somewhat mind-boggling and frequently occurs beneath the degree of our awareness.

It results from the way that we are worked to emulate one another. As newborn children, we begin mirroring our parents, conduct that is basic for our improvement and establishes an essential pathway to learning and development for the duration of our lives. Enthusiastic infection results from our propensity to duplicate or synchronize our outward appearances, vocalizations, stances, and practices with everyone around us, and accordingly take on their passionate scene. In a nutshell, positive emotions:

  • Empower us.

  • Expands our reasoning.

  • Broaden our attention in general and towards our partner.

  • Reciprocation of emotions (positive) by partner.

  • Help us forge strong connections.

  • Helps in self-expansion.

  • Energises our interest.

  • Fills one with feelings of gratitude.

  • Keeps the relationship fresh and alive.

In the end, it is important to realise that expression of emotions in an appropriate manner is essential. Both positive and negative emotions should be expressed as it not only nourishes your interpersonal relations but also your relationship with yourself. Contact HopeQure, if you wish to seek a free call back from our psychologist get started here.

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