How Looking At Yourself In The Mirror Is Important

How Looking At Yourself In The Mirror Is Important


When was the last time you took some time to look at yourself in the mirror?

People have either gotten too busy in their daily activities or are not willing to look themselves in the eye. Sometimes look at yourself in the mirror can get uncomfortable. You can quickly spiral down to self-criticism and begin negative thinking about yourself.

Taking a look in the mirror is so much more than simply staring at your physical body.  You are not only staring at physical self but also looking down into your inner self. Mirror meditation is a simple practice you can do daily for 5-10 minutes. Mirror meditation has shown to decrease stress, anxiety, and depression and increases self-compassion (Wells, 2016).

The goal of mirror meditation is to be with yourself without any agenda and just let it whatever comes. There is no right or wrong, practice this with a simple intention to be kind to yourself.

Importance of mirror gazing:

You increase you self-compassion

Looking yourself in the mirror helps to embrace the more real point of view. Everyone has flaws and nobody is perfect. Mirror gazing allows you to accept your flaws. Acknowledge that these flaws in you don’t make you any less worthy of acceptance and affection.

You build emotional awareness

More often than not, we avoid feeling some emotions that we do not want to deal with. when you stand in front of the mirror, you cant escape such emotions, and you finally feel your true feelings. It’s a mirror magic!

You develop confidence and self-esteem

In these busy times, we are all running. Some of us running from themselves. They are hiding behind. This lowers our self-esteem and confidence to even look at ourselves. As you begin to mirror meditate, you develop your confidence in yourself by being friends with yourself. As this skill develops you simultaneously increase your self-esteem.

You begin you strengthen your sense of self

It is natural that the more time you spend with somebody, you strengthen you relation. But have you done that with yourself? Spending some time with yourself, strengthens your sense of self which is allowing you to know yourself better.

So how do you start doing this?

  1. In a room (or bathroom; where you are alone), get comfortable by standing your sitting in front of a mirror (preferably large to reflect yourself completely).

  2. Relax your muscles by taking some good deep breaths.

  3. Stare in the reflection of your eyes and confidently greet yourself.

  4. Look at yourself carefully. Pay attention to your breathing as well.

  5. Acknowledge your flaws and with it more importantly recognize your perfections too.

  6. If any judgemental thoughts come in, do not ignore it. Accept the thoughts, and with an exhale let it go.

  7. Smile and recall a good moment. This will build your comfort level.

  8. After spending some quality time looking at yourself, move to the next phase of affirmations.

Here are few best affirmations you can use:

‘I am lovable, and I love myself’

‘I am grateful for my body’

‘I am wonderful and beautifully made’

‘My body is amazing, and I am healing’

‘I am full if courage’

‘I am thankful’

Mirrors reveal much more to us than we know. The mirror shows you so much more than what you actually see in yourself. Mirror meditation can open up many things for you.

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