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Looking for free online counselling and therapy

By Priyanka Walia | Updated July 15, 2023

cons of free online counselling

Best Online Counselling in India

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As mental well-being stigma decreases in our surroundings, more people are searching for online counselling and therapy options to get help with their complicated life. In this digital world of freebies and heavy discounts on products and various services, people are also searching for “Free online counselling” or “Free online therapy”.

First, understand the term.

What are online counselling and online therapy?

Online counselling or online therapy is basically an online alternative to the old-style method of face-to-face counselling. Online counselling provides support and treatment for a wide range of conditions from the comfort of your home. You only need a video calling device and a good internet connection to proceed with it.

How online counselling works?

  • Browse the profiles of available mental health therapists on the website regarding your area of concern.
  • Book an appointment with the therapist of your choice
  • Make the payment for the online counselling services.
  • You can either choose the plan yourself or choose the ones recommended for you.
  • Once you make the payment, you will receive a confirmation in your email.
  • You can join your session from your dashboard where your upcoming session link will be provided.
  • You can choose your therapy session to be over video or audio call or via chat.
  • Note your aims and expectations from the online therapy sessions.
  • Share your medical reports and history with the therapist for them to study your case in detail and provide suitable treatment.
  • To make the best use of the time for your online counselling session, note down your symptoms beforehand along with any questions that you might have

Let’s see how effective free counselling services are:

You may come across a few websites and apps promoting free counselling and therapy sessions to attract new customers but it may come at a cost of low-quality services or sometimes after signup you may not get these services at all.

Beware of those offering free counselling services

There are a lot of fake websites and applications in the market offering this kind of service to steal your valuable private and confidential data and later sold it to their affiliate sources. In this context let me remind you HopeQure is India’s only HIPAA-compliant mental wellness service provider, to hold the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance certificate, we need to follow a set of guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services which ensures the confidentiality of data of our customers.

Cons of free online counselling and therapy

  • Free counselling or therapy sometimes means poor care. As most psychologist and therapist are running their livelihood by taking paid sessions and people only pay when they get desired outcomes, which eventually motivates professionals to take their job seriously.
  • Therapy usually takes time to work. Your counselling sessions may take place in many sittings to see any significant result. People who are looking for free sessions won’t get much time from their service provider hence, they harm themselves rather than any benefits.
  • Some psychologists are experts in child counselling and some may be in couple counselling, so HopeQure’s paid yet affordable plans will match you with an expert psychologist related to your concern. Free services won’t give you such luxury to choose your own psychologist.
  • Free service providers won’t guarantee that the psychologist you are talking with is even a licensed one. It will make your therapy experience ineffective and you may lose confidence in therapy itself and you may not seek help again.

When you should look for a free therapy?

I understand problems can knock your door anytime and sometimes It comes when you are struggling financially and you can’t afford to pay for these types of services. So, in those moments you are forced to look for free services. You can can look for these services to initially diagnose your problems and get a clear picture of your situation but still we won’t recommend you to stick with it for long time. In long run you have to look for a permanent solution because no one can cure you in a single sitting of session. You can take free self assessment to identify depression, anxiety or other types of mental abnormalities that you feel you are suffering from. You will get free result of your self assessment after login.

Why HopeQure is the best platform to book online counselling and therapy sessions?

  • It is India's first and the only certified mental health company for security that has HIPAA certification for catering to global Mental Health clients from India.
  • We are nominated as India’s No.1 mental wellness platform by India Today.
  • We offer 50+ self-assessments, a wide range of time-bound and effective mental health programs, specialised corporate programs, and peer support sessions.
  • We have a team of 50+ licensed psychologists and an average experience of more than 5 years.
  • We have conducted more than 1 million sessions till now.

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