Relationship Issues

Relationships make the most of a human life and the fact that it human thrives for love comfort and security, elicits the fact why compassionate relationships are important in one’s life. A stable and satisfying relationship can provide emotional support and a All the relationships hit a bumpy road and there are ups and downs in every relationship but resolving issues is essential. Look out for signs and take steps towards healthy relationship by tacking problems or by seeking help from professionals

Signs and Symptoms of Relationship Issues

  • The two of you bicker a great deal.
  • You are withdrawing from one another or use the eye roll a lot.
  • You don't fight fair.
  • Your fights escalate out of control or to screaming matches.
  • There seems to be a feeling of indifference between you both
  • The infidelity is chronic
  • Either of the partner is narcissist
  • You two cannot share emotions anymore
  • You become secretive of each other
  • Reduced shared interest and activities
  • Incompatible sexual drives

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