All the challenges, problems and difficult circumstances put us to stress. Stress gives energy, increases human arousal and affects performance. However, high stress too can produce unpleasant effects and cause our performance to deteriorate. Prolonged exposure to high stress causes wear and tear of our body. Stressor can be present in any form; physical, psychological, environmental or social.

Signs and Symptoms of Stress

  • Acute Stress can be induced from minute daily hassles such as noisy surroundings, commuting,
  • Life events such as physical injuries, prolonged health issues, breakup of a long term relationship/
  • Disturbed relationship with boss, overburdening of job duties and low job satisfaction can be a
  • Traumatic events, physical injuries, accidents or loss of loved ones can be a reason for chronic
  • Stress suffered as the victim of a crime or life-threatening situation can lead to mental health
  • Heart disease,cancer ,lung disease,accidents ,cirrhosis of the liver ,suicide

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