How to stay motivated

  • 04 Apr 2020

Keeping your motivation levels high is a task. Sometimes it gets really difficult to stay motivated especially while working upon a lengthy task. Do you feel lack of motivation? Has procrastination become your habit? Do you want to encourage yourself? Here is your self help guide:

  • Have a proper routine
    Make a schedule or follow a time table like we used to do in school times. This will help you stay organised and you don’t have to waste your time thinking what to do.
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
    Setting up a target is important but it is more important to set a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound goals.
  • Track your progress
    Set sub goals, basically divide your main target into small sub-goals. These sub goals will help you track your progress. You may track it on weekly or monthly basis, whatever suits you.
  • Reward yourself
    Rewarding yourself on achievement of every sub goal and main target will help you keep going. Rewards must be personalised like pampering yourself with a spa, shopping or movie outing, hanging out with friends, going on a lunch date etc.

Few other small accommodations which have significant outcomes you may inculcate:
  • Stay away from distractions to keep your productivity levels high.
  • Make to-do lists
  • Have a sound sleep for at least 7 hours daily.
  • Take proper balanced diet and do not eat too heavy it will make you lazy.
  • Drink ample amounts of water and liquid in other forms in order to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Keep taking breaks in between, if your work involves sitting in front of screens keep blinking your eyes.
  • You may also take a 20 minutes power nap to reenergize yourself.
  • Add exercise / work-out in your routine as it will help your body to stay active and flexible.
  • Challenge yourself to do better.
  • Try listening to motivational speakers.
At the end, it’s about turning your plans into action. Take small steps each day and keep going! How to stay motivated

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