National Stress Awareness Day - Things you need to know

Stress is very normal in everyone’s daily life. Some amount of stress is good for our better performance; however, extreme levels of stress can be harmful and may give rise to other health problems. These health issues can vary from physical conditions such as diseases of the heart, blood pressure problems, diabetes to severe mental health illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Dealing with high levels of stress can also harm relationships and disturb the ones around you.

Stress is a totally common human response. It s our brain’s method of conveying to us that we re being faced with a risky situation. Stress isn t terrible in itself; it can assist you with making a move, fulfill time constraints, and/or complete things. Stress can turn into an issue on the off chance that you start to feel overpowered or that you can t adapt.

Stress is not a psychological illness. However, high levels of too much stress can cause emotional well-being problems. We must become aware of our bodily reactions in stressful situations.

National Stress Awareness Day is commemorated on the first Wednesday of November. This celebration aims to identify stressors and reduce them in people’s lives. In 2021, National Stress Awareness Day will be celebrated on the 3rd of November.

It is very important to identify our stressors that negatively influence our mental and physical health and develop managing strategies for the same. The correlation between stress and mental health goes in two ways. High levels of stress may give rise to a mental disorder and having a mental illness can increase stress levels. Fortunately, there are many ways you can take control of your stress levels and keep yourself mentally healthy.

Ask yourself the below questions to respond in a stressful situation

- How do you know you are stressed?

- What triggered this situation?

- How can I manage or cope with this situation?

Below we share some practical strategies for stress relief you can practice during the stress awareness week. By practicing them all week you can see what works best for you and are likely to build a habit for yourself.

Identify the root cause

Many times, it is difficult to sort our emotions. For example, you are angry at your colleague and end up fighting with your spouse. This discrepancy makes it challenging for one to work on the main issue. Therefore, note your main trigger of stress. It can be your professional work, relationships, obligations, etc. once you figure out what caused you to stress out, it will be easy for you to manage it.

Write 3 positive things

In stressful situations, it is very easy to spiral down into negative thoughts and question everything. In this awareness week, we encourage you to sit with a book or pad for 5 to 10 minutes and jot down three good or positive things that happened on that day. The level of its importance does not matter. This exercise helps you become more grateful and kind to yourself. By the end of the week, you can take your writings and reflect and notice how you feel about them.

Become physically active

This cannot be highlighted enough. Being stressed drains down our energy to do any physical activity. However, other plenty activities do not require much energy and will increase your energy and secrete happy hormones such as dopamine and motivate you. You can try some of the below activities:

- Have fun with your pet if you have one.

- Play songs and sing along with them. Try if you can have someone sing along with you.

- Spend time gardening.

- Get cleaning. Arrange your desk, cupboard, or room. It will make you feel better.

Make time for hobbies

In our busy schedules making time for the activities that bring joy to us is challenging. At the point when we get excessively occupied and worried, things that frequently satisfy us are forgotten and are replaced by our daily tasks.

It is important in order to reduce stress, to make time for the thing you enjoy doing and yourself. Understand what you need to have to do to make time in your week or your day. If this means dropping a night or girls night, then do it!

Keep the connection on

Humans are social beings. We are in constant need of people. The lockdown made it difficult to connect with people physically but let us thank technology. It is significant to keep the communication going with your friends and family.

- Talking helps to not bottle your emotions up.

- You do not lose your relationships

- Call a distant friend you have not been in contact with for a long time.

- Listen to someone’s problems and story. This can nicely distract you.

Communication and being there for others have been shown to have greater well-being.

No matter what, stress will be there with you life-long. You cant avoid it. But you can manage it. Learn and adapt positive coping mechanisms for the betterment of your mental and physical health. Give a go to the above-mentioned simple strategies during the awareness week to help yourself and those around you.

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National Stress Awareness Day - Things you need to know

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