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Tired of Hearing Relax

By HopeQure


23 Nov 2019

Tired of hearing relax!

Ever felt empty? a feeling of emptiness which is irreversible. A feeling of being underwater, as if you are drowning and you are making constant efforts to swim up to the surface but you can’t make through. That’s exactly how anxiety feels.

Every time you tell this to someone you are asked to relax, but how?

Relax, breath, repeat

Sometimes this helps sometimes it doesn’t.

After all that you have tried, nothing seems to be right, may be its time to change your approach. May be you just have been trying to open the bottle from the wrong side, it’s time to change the direction and mould again. It’s time to go through metamorphosis and evolve! It may not be chronic but it’s there and it can be better. It will be better.

You are anxious and it is ok to be so! Anxiety is common and it can be treated. Get help as soon as possible.

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Tired of Hearing Relax

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