Presenting Preet journey towards mental wellbeing

Presenting Preet journey towards mental wellbeing
Written By: Clinical Psychologist
RIMS - M.Phil
Reviewed By: Counselling Psychologist
MA Psychology Pennsylvania State University, USA
Last Updated: 14-07-2023

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All the information mentioned in this blog has been written with the consent of the client.


Preet is a 30-year-old male who belongs to the city of Bodhgaya in Bihar. He did his from NIT, Bhopal, and is presently working as an Assistant Manager at Indian Oil Corporate Limited. 

He is an individual who likes to travel and visit new places and also a person who very actively takes initiative in helping other people, be it friends or any needy people he encounters with. He passed out from Sainik School and so he shows discipline and dedication in most of the activities he has to do.

One can say that he is a very calm and composed person if they just meet and spend a few hours with him. 

However, what Preet felt was that he can very easily wear a mask of a calm and composed person in front of other people but internally he felt very angry and frustrated and irritated very often. He said that even his partner always complained about him showing anger toward her. He came to take therapy sessions by keeping these factors in mind.

The process of understanding and accepting oneself through the techniques of psychotherapy: Presenting Preet’s journey

The steps we followed were that rapport was established and trust was gained. Slowly, the goal was established that he wanted insights into his present behavior and also plans to make changes in his behavior if it is required.

During the sessions, it was discovered that he had a rough childhood where he was punished for every mistake he made. His father was very strict with him and he used bizarre ways to punish him. He came to an understanding that even during his childhood he showed anxiousness like finding it difficult to actively participate in classroom activities and increased palpitations whenever his father was about to reach home.

The symptoms were visible in adulthood as his insecurities. Whenever her partner did something against his will he started to feel anxious and felt that he was losing control over her. He would shout at her, use abusive language, and doubt in every respect. He also felt a sense of losing control even in very very small matters in his work also. 

When he started to feel that it was getting over his threshold level, like every day he was having a fight with her girlfriend and it was also lowering his productivity in his day-to-day life he understood that it was time to take action for his present situation.

We worked together and he was able to overcome the rough memories of his childhood. It helped him to deal with his anxiousness and his insecurities and in the longer run it helped him to improve his relationship and also his productivity in his day-to-day life. It was done by making him understand he is showing his trauma responses and that was in his childhood that it was happening but now he is an adult and he is capable of taking care of himself. He gained insight into it and has gradually started to make changes to it.

Techniques Used: Cognitive Behavior Therapy

The feedback he gave at the end was

"I am thankful to my partner for pushing me to take therapy sessions and I am really glad that I made this decision. I feel that I have gained a major insight into my life and I will keep on making changes whenever it is required."

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