How to take care of mental health during Coronavirus Pandemic?
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Last Updated: 10-04-2023

How to take care of mental health during Coronavirus Pandemic?


The dreadful physical effects of the coronavirus pandemic are very obvious. Right from the quarantine, increase in unemployment, to anxiety regarding the viral infection, there is a massive surge in mental health issues such as an increase in anxiety, depression, stress, and an overall dip in the mental well-being of the general population as well as the health care workers.

This pandemic that increased the stress level can also dramatically affect our general mental health. It is a time when we appreciate technology, which helps us stay connected not only with work and relationships but also with healthcare providers. Online counsellors and therapists can help you seek comfort and guide you during these stressful times.


As we know mental health affects all aspects of our lives. Poor mental health can directly affect our physical health too. For instance, chronic stress and anxiety can impact your heart negatively and increase blood pressure.

We all face some periods of stress, anxiety, emotional distress. However, if it deteriorates to the point where it becomes unbearable and hinders our day-to-day functioning, this is a signal that we need to go a seek therapy from a mental healthcare practitioner.

So here we give you seven ways you can use to improve and maintain your mental health We’ve outlined some ways you can help improve your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Limit the Amount of News You Watch

Of course, it’s important to stay informed, but sometimes the constant streaming of news can be too much. After a while, it can be extremely upsetting, and watching the 24-hour news can create a lot of anxiety.
Instead, schedule a time to watch something fun. Maybe there’s a movie you’ve always wanted to see on Netflix. Maybe you want to revisit a funny movie you have on DVD.
The important thing is to make sure you don’t suffer from information overload. Give your mind a break and let it have a chance to “have fun” through more uplifting entertainment.

Take Care Of Yourself Physically

Physical and mental health are closely intertwined. To help protect your mental health you should also safeguard your physical health. This includes:

  • Avoiding junk food
  • Eating healthy meals
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Exercising regularly
  • Avoiding excessive alcohol use
  • Taking medication as prescribed

Talk to Other People

Social distancing has transformed your social life, but that doesn’t mean you can not stay in touch with those important to you. Phone calls help, but sometimes you need to see a face. Utilize video chat programs such as WhatsApp, Skype and Zoom to keep the lines of communication open.

You may find it therapeutic to reconnect with old friends or relatives.

Talk to a Counsellor

There are several qualified mental health counsellors available to help you. If their offices are closed during COVID, many offer virtual appointments and consultation.

Remember that not everyone responds to stress in the same manner, this is why it will help to make a list of things you’d like to talk to the counsellor about. This includes worries about yourself or others.

Be Sure to Do What You Enjoy

Sometimes the anxiety of the unknown makes it easy to forget the things you love to do. Make a list and plan to participate in as many as possible.

Granted, you may need to make adjustments based upon current guidelines. For example, if you enjoy basketball with friends, you won’t be able to participate in this activity. However, perhaps you can join those same friends for a walk in the park (just remember to practice social distancing!).

Remember that there are often creative ways to still participate in the things you love. Here’s another example: If you enjoy meeting with your book club, organize a meeting through Zoom or another conferencing program.

Practice Meditation

Studies have shown that meditation relaxes both your body and mind. All you need is a quiet location, a comfortable position and an open mind. How does meditation help? Studies show that meditation:

  • Can help relieve stress
  • Gives you tools to manage stress
  • Reduces negative emotions or attitudes
  • Nourishes creativity
  • Helps you be more patient
  • Allows you to clearly focus on the present

Long-term research is still ongoing to see if meditation is a great complement to traditional treatment. Talk to your doctor about whether or not this would be a good activity for you.

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Use Social Media Carefully

Of course, what better way to stay in touch with people than through Facebook or Instagram. There are several great benefits of social media, but it also has some drawbacks.

Many well-meaning friends may spread information that is false or misleading. Just because you saw it on social media doesn’t mean it’s true. The last thing you need is stress caused by questionable information..

How to Improve Your Mental Health

If you show signs of clinical depression or other mental health conditions you should schedule an appointment with a doctor, psychologist or other mental health professional to get the help you need.

Remember, if it is not possible to meet in person, many health care experts offer video online counselling and treatment through online platform.



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