What are IV infusion therapies? How do they cure mental health?

What are IV infusion therapies? How do they cure mental health?
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Last Updated: 22-01-2024

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Mental Health,IV Infusion & StemCell Therapies-An emerging pathway to wellness

As sciences understanding of mental health advances, so does the range of innovative therapies which are capable of providing healing to those in need. Powerful treatments have emerged in recent years in the form of intravenous (IV) infusion therapies, including: Multivitamin IV, NAD+ IV, Amino Acid IV & Stem Cell IV treatments. 

What are IV infusion therapies?

IV Infusion involves the administration of medicine, vitamins, minerals & or stem cells directly into the bloodstream. In the past, IV treatments have been principally used to treat physical, non mental issues, but today there has been a revolution in using certain IV infusions for mental health.

Vital Nutrients and Mental Health (Multivitamin IV infusion): 

Research has shown that there is a connection between particular nutrient deficiencies and many mental health disorders. As an example, when a person lacks vitamin D, B12 and folate, studies have shown a correlation to increased mental issues such as mood disorders, anxiety, and depression. Multivitamin IV infusion therapies such as Myers cocktail are tailored to address these specific deficiencies, offering a direct and efficient way to replenish the body s nutrients.

Stress and Neurotransmitter Balance (Amino acid IV Infusion): 

Stress is a major factor connected to mental health issues and a stressed out person often will have neurotransmitter imbalances in the brain. Amino acid IV therapies have the ability to counteract this imbalance and improve mood. Amino acids are used in the brain for the creation of different neurotransmitters and neuromodulators, and as a result, the intake of amino acids directly helps with mood. In addition, it helps with brain performance and strengthens cognitive function.

Energy & Addiction Issues (NAD+ IV Infusion): 

NAD+ IV therapy is a popular treatment for a number of mental issues including depression & people battling addiction. It also is known for boosting energy, reducing anxiety and helping people who feel physically and mentally drained. NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), is a naturally occurring coenzyme which plays an important role in cell energy, the repair of damaged cells & the regulation of neurotransmitters. Emerging research has highlighted that by replenishing the body s NAD+ levels, issues with addiction become improved, easing withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings. By regulating neurotransmitters, NAD therapy works to reduce the appetite for addictive substances, aiding in the resistance of relapse triggers. As such, NAD+ has become a very popular treatment for people looking to quit smoking.

The Most Serious Mental Issues (Stem Cell IV Infusion)

For a number of neuropsychiatric disorders such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome), Autism, Alziemers, Schizophrenia & Dementia, Stem Cell therapy has been shown to help significantly. Likewise for simple depression, recent research shows that mesenchymal stem cells might be constructive in reducing depression by making more neurons with increased cortical connections. That being said, stem cells are typically used for mental issues where treatment options are extremely limited, and they offer hope.

Overall, the inclusion of various types of IV therapies into mental health care represents a new and evolving way to support people on their path to mental health. By increasing essential nutrients in people with deficiencies, facilitating neurotransmitter balance, increasing NAD levels, and exploring powerful treatments like stem cell therapy, there are now more ways than ever to treat people with mental health issues.

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