Hopequre Campus Ambassador.

Campus Ambassadors is a Volunteer program where you work as a bridge between Hopequre and students, faculty, alumni, and members of the public on campus.—sharing news, resources and our ongoing activities.

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Our Values

We provide tech aided mental health services that comprise of:

01 Share your Passion for Psychology

Becoming a Campus Ambassador is a great leadership opportunity for all graduate students interested in health psychology.We believe that all students can become leaders at their respective schools and inform others about the advancements and the opportunities available in psychological science.

We highly encourage both undergraduate and graduate student affiliates to join our Hopequre Team.

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02 Unleash your creativity

The purpose of our campus representative program is to increase awareness about the importance of mental wellbeing and our workshops and activities amongst college students and faculty.

As a Campus Ambassador, you decide how to increase awareness of our Workshops, Activities and our Ongoing programmes in your university or college, on a time that suits your schedule.

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03 Connect and Grow your network

You get an opportunity to connect with your fellow ambassadors from across different universities and learn about news and activities that you can share with your peers.

Promoting on campus can often involve methods such as sharing online flyers, updates on social media groups, running an information evening or Webinar, speaking to college officials and Heads of Departments,contacting the Students’ Union - along with any other creative, innovative strategy you come up with!You will also be involved in our group activities and team Meetings.

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04 Plan and Coordinate your own Marketing Campaign

Campus Ambassadors have full freedom to coordinate their promotional strategy as they wish. You'll be provided with the Hopequre Communications Pack and a full suite of promotional material but ultimately it's up to you to decide how you use it.

This experience is particularly valuable to students interested in marketing, business or advertising.

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05 Become part of the Hopequre Team!

Our Hopequre Team is very passionate and we consider all our Campus Ambassadors to be part of our team. We'll schedule an initial phone call to get to know you and after that we're always available via phone and email to support you during your promotional campaign and into the future.

You also have the opportunity to talk about yourself, your school and your research interests in our Campus Ambassador Spotlight event.

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06 Opportunity to Learn and Lead

As our Campus Ambassador, You will gain invaluable leadership skills while networking with students and Faculty members from different universities. You will ensure that as many individuals as possible hear about our special events and ongoing activities.

Upon completion of the program, you will get a Letter of Appreciation highlighting your active participation, interest in spreading awareness about Psychology and about your Leadership Qualities.You will also receive a Certificate for being Hopequre Campus Ambassador and a Letter of Recommendation for Preference in jobs at HopeQure and associated institutes. Your passion and self-motivation will stand out to Employers.

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