HopeQure online counselling security - Faq


Hopequre connects industry’s expert mental health psychologist, mental health counselor, and mental health therapist to clients seeking mental wellness solutions through its online mental health counseling services.

Hopequre deploys end to end encryption & ensures that all your data is safe & is in no way being misused or shared with anyone else. HopeQure aims to maintain standard online mental health counseling services.

We provide you various details on mental health therapists such as their experience, education, ratings etc. This helps you make more informed choices & select the right mental health counselor.

The client can choose from a wide range of mental health counselor, mental health psychologist and mental health therapist and get online counselling for psychological issues at the time and place of their own convenience

HopeQure has a range of mental health counselor who are trained, qualified and certified mental health therapist.

The online counseling services and therapy sessions are conducted online through Hopequre’s own Audio & Video interface.

HopeQure aims to cut down the cost so as to provide affordable online mental health counseling services and thus, the client has the liberty to look at the profiles of various mental health therapist and choose the suitable mental health counselor.

Our payment gateway uses industry standard procedure and guidelines so as to provide secure online mental health counseling services.

To consult the best online psychologist in India, you need to visit the Therapist section . The website will provide you with the details of the best online psychologists in India.

Hindi and English are the main languages in which online therapy is provided in HopeQure. However the Online Therapy is also available in Indian regional languages such as Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, and Sinhala language.

You can talk online to a psychologist through the HopeQure platform. Any mental health conditions like Anxiety disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Anorexia, Bulimia, Fear, Phobia, Depression, Bipolar disorder, Severe mood disorder, Drug abuse, Alcohol abuse, Internet Disorder etc can be discussed with the Online Psychologists.

You can book a Psychologist's earliest available slot as per your choice or let us book the same for you by matching the best Psychologists suitable for your treatment.

Online therapy is typically less expensive than traditional face to face therapy. A typical therapy session costs around $35 to $60.

If you are looking for an online therapist, you should do some research on HopeQure website in Therapist section to find the best Therapist or Just contact HopeQure for the experts here suggest you the best therapist. Be sure to check that they are licensed and have a good professional background.

HopeQure is a 100% online counseling website, which means that you won't have to worry about leaving your comfort zone and be able to talk with a licensed online psychologist from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you like. It's as simple as sitting down on your couch and clicking on the online chat box to start your first session with a licensed psychologist. HopeQure is a platform with a team of compassionate and dedicated psychologists who offer a convenient and affordable way to connect with you in a safe, confidential, and affordable way during the therapy session. In addition, HopeQure makes sure to follow the highest standards, including HIPAA certification, to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

HopeQure's online counselling platform provides you with the best psychologist in India. HopeQure has a panel of multilingual, registered counselling and clinical psychologists.

This is the best question that can be asked to anyone. If you are facing any kind of psychological issues like depression, anxiety, phobia, family problems, love problem, panic attacks, stress, etc. then you need to solve it as.

HopeQure can help you book an online appointment with the best psychologists in India . HopeQure’s mission is to help you find a way to deal with your emotional and mental health issues and get your life back on track towards living a healthy and happy life.

Online Counselling and therapy is the process of mental health intervention that involves sessions allowing individuals to share and let out there feeling through an online medium. This makes the process simple and comfortable as there is no third person intervention in the process.

Online counselling at HopeQure is seamless and confidential. It is easy to access and works on an end to end encrypted in-built video counselling portal. It is 100% secured and confidential.

Be assured that HopeQure's online counselling is highly confidential and 100% secure. All your interactions with your therapist is end-to-end encrypted. One important thing to keep in mind is to have good internet connectivity to avoid any connectivity issues.

HopeQure provides counseling services for various concerns inclusive of clinical counseling . We have specialists for relationship counselling , stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, Therapy for Children and Teenagers etc.